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This morning’s peeves, recurring peeves from months past:

Dot-Red.gif Laura Schwartz on FOX swallowing her spit while motor-mouthing Democrat hyperbole. I realize she’s a former Bill Clinton White House “special” assistant for “special events” but that doesn’t mean the rest of us find her appealing.

Dot-Red.gif And the tuba-voiced, Blackberry crackin’ / Blackberry ridin’ (her words, on air, live), Hispanic mindin’, illegal alien promotin’ Rebecca Gomez (look at her “bio” photo — she’s “pink”) who FOX fancies is a “business commentator.” As to what “business” FOX has in mind in reference to Gomez, the rest of us are left to ponder bcause her bombast over the airways seem to have most in common with those mostly appealin’ to operations favored by drug cartels.

The slobbering, bombastic Amnesty-eager Democrat laydees on FOX are offputting nearly as much as is Alan Colmes and that’s saying a lot.

Dot-Red.gif I’d much rather hear and see Greg Gutfeld‘s mom talking on her swing than either of these two (Schwartz and Gomez).

Someone tell Schwartz to swallow her spittle before the camera starts to roll — her frequent pauses on air to gulp down are like watching and listening to worms wiggle.

And give Gomez a microphone set to one-tenth the decibel level of everyone else. We can hear her, thankyewverramuch, so speaking at three times a normal volume from the quiet of a studio broadcast isn’t going to make what she says any more appealing. But I do use my mute button in corresponding frequency with Gomez on the air so obviously she’s failing to even communicate anything other than that she’s annoying and contrary to my ideals and interests (her notions as to “business” are, at best, dubious).

Dot-Red.gif In this entire world, can’t television broadcasting find ANY females who are both attractive (enough for television) and don’t scream? Who don’t badly manage their saliva? Who are Conservative? Anyone?

I don’t mind hearing a Democrat and other Liberals and their points of view — it’s informative to hear where they are, what their memes are, helps identify the problems we all face accordingly, implied and expressed. But someone with more spittle in their mouths than sense in what they have to say isn’t a good representative of anyone’s point of view, especially when they pop up onscreen with recurring regularity. Neither is someone whose voice hurts my ear drums — especially if what they have to say is unsupportable — because yelling about it isn’t going to communicate much of anything while I scramble for distance and silence.

Dot-Red.gif I watch FOX and I’m glad we have FOX to watch but they need to clean the air.

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