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The menu for President Bush’s dinner Monday for Queen Elizabeth II and her husband, Prince Philip, as released by the office of the first lady:

– – –

Spring pea soup with fernleaf lavender

Chive pizzelle with American caviar

Newton Chardonnay Unfiltered 2004

– – –

Dover sole almondine

Roasted artichokes, pequillo peppers and olives

Saddle of spring lamb

Chanterelle sauce

Fricassee of baby vegetables

Peter Michael Les Pavots 2003

– – –

Arugula, Savannah mustard and mint romaine

Champagne dressing and trio of farmhouse cheeses

“Rose Blossoms”

Schramsberg Brut Rose 2004


The menu is obviously inspired by an international — albeit an international ALLIED — flair, what with PIZZELLEs served with AMERICAN caviar, FRENCH and GERMAN inspired Napa Valley wines (*) and the closing blush of “Rose Blossoms” in demur honor of the English Monarchy.

How quickly many of us have become unfamiliar with geographical and national food origins, however, particularly as to PIZZELLES, which are most often what’s briefly described as “mini pizzas” or “Italian cookies” or an Italian bread — modified by many flavorings, as here with chives, served as the bread bed to accompany caviar (yum!).

And, the Schramsberg Brut Rose 2004 served with the greens and cheeses to follow the sole and lamb entre is an entertaining and endearing top to the meal.

PIZZELLES are pressed breads (or pressed cookies — here’s a site that sells Pizzelles as “Italian Waffle Cookies” online) using an iron Pizzelle Press. This site provides an interesting history of the Pizzelle Press, which originally were hand-hammered iron made with extended long handles, such that a cook could avoid being burned while holding the Pizzelle inside the Press over an open cooking fire (although I doubt that the White House has prepared these Chive Pizzelles for the Queen of England over open fires).

On a personal note, something I never write about here because I’d rather just be doing it, is that I am a very good cook. What I most love about cooking is the nurture effect of preparing hardy foods (not hardy as in abundance or massiveness but in the beneficial, robust sense) for others.

This menu for the Queen of England as prepared by the White House seems entirely wonderful. Buon appetito, buon appetit and eat well!.

* NOTE/Reference: The Wines

Dot-GreenPale-SML.gif Newton Chardonnay Unfiltered 2004
— Napa Valley

Dot-GreenPale-SML.gif Peter Michael Les Pavots 2003
— Sonoma County (Napa), Knights Valley
This vintage is advised to remain unopened until 2010 but like all good servants — literarily, I imagine — when the Monarchy calls, the wine responds.

Dot-GreenPale-SML.gif Schramsberg Brut Rose 2004
— Napa Valley

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