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“When the anarchists riot, you know something good must have happened about which they do.”

Dot-Blue-SML.gif Like many Americans today — and, I am sure, many among the French — the surprise and happiness is upon us as to France’s election result (Nicolas Sarkozy wins) and turn toward reasserting friendship and allied intent with the United States.

I’ll be among the Americans this day who say I’m glad that the U.S.A.-France fracture is behind us and I hope I can again talk about my French ancestors (French Alps — bordertown with Switzerland — since recorded time in the area) without hesitation; however, the the majority of my ancestors are from the British Isles with the exception of one from Northern Italy, San Lorenzo, I’ve just been silent as to the one range of family from the French Alps in a sort of silent shock as to heritage in the last decade or so while France has wandered into a sort of leashed-law communism.

Dot-Blue-SML.gif The woeful media reports, however, as to the current French civic unrest, reveal yet again that the mostly Liberal losers — many of whom who are rioting are disgruntled immigrants in France — have a twisted sense of what is peace and what is responsibility. The French and their years of Socialism have born the eventual bad fruit by making it too welcoming and too easy and too well provisioned for the discontented to run amok and not suffer many negative consequences (such as losing a job, housing, being shunned and otherwise socially penalized for acting very badly) for their irresponsible actions.

And, although the U.S. has not declared Socialism as form of government, we are surely suffering similar negative consequences for sponsoring the same Socialist loopholes.

Dot-Blue-SML.gif Also among the most interesting as to phenomenon as regards this French election jolt is that Sarkozy’s female opponent, Socialist Segolene Royal who lost, did not garner the enthusiasm nor support of the majority of French female voters despite Royal’s presumption that her gender rendered her politically appealing to other females.

This French vote result is as it is everywhere as to “women’s politics” — those who rely on their female gender to assume their political appeal are not psychologically (nor emotionally) reliable, not to voters, not to female voters. A “women’s candidate,” as described, is very often not that in reality because the gender-issue-appeal is not compelling when the socio-political issues are not and vice-versa. Surprise, women think things through more often than anticipated.

Dot-Blue-SML.gif Congratulations, France. I wish the nation well.


  1. Interesting how when a conservative wins an election rioting (as in France) ensues, or recounts are demanded (as in Gore or Mexico’s last election). But when a liberal wins the right accepts it and works to continue to run our nation (as in the case of last November here in the U.S.). Hmmmmm, do I sense a little mental disturbancy in the left?