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Mitt Romney made, by far, the best presentation,appeared as most capable for the Presidency in demeanor, temperament — body language — and what he had to say otherwise. McCain might best be considered as the mascot of the 2008 election. At least, I hope that’s the extent of what McCain’s considered for.

Duncan Hunter was a close second to Romney because he used his time and the occasion itself to get the most significant objectives across: national security, border security — and neither without the other — and law enforcement. Romney’s sincerity in these regards remains subdued, although he certainly has public speaking polished to an art form.

Dot-Red.gif The winner of the evening for the Most Dense Knucklehead was THE POLITICO for the “questions” they hoisted upon the debate. THE POLITICO dusted off the most immature, attitudinal and neurotic statements from among their reader submissions and then paid host/moderator Chris Matthews far too much to pose them to the candidates — or else THE POLITICO is downright immature, attitudinal and neurotic editorially. Otherwise, questions selected: whatweretheythinking?

Dot-Red.gif I note that there was laughter somewhat frequently among the GOP candidates (and appropriate it was, too, with what they were working with). Compared to the Democrat candidates’ recent automotonic debate, the GOP group came off as human.

Because, by now, many of us are all too familiar with what Democrats “like least about America.” It’s as if they’re doing their best to spread the disease, what with that foolish question (“what do you like least about America?”) posed to Romney.

Dot-Red.gif P.S.: Here’s my brief synopis of Rudy Guiliani (there will be much more to be written in the months ahead): he’s a nice guy who is very entertaining and often quite interesting to listen to but he’s also a keen manipulator and because of that, combined with his social Liberalism, I don’t find him reliable as to who I’d prefer to vote for the Presidency.

Dot-Red.gif P.P.S.: Whoever comes out strongest against illegal immigration and in support of “enforcement first” before any other actions take place to contend with the illegal alien population in the U.S. at this time, wins. Wins my vote. And I am sure the votes of many others who share my perspectives on this complex problem. Deportation of illegal aliens is only as impractical as is any elected official resistant to enforcement.

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