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Dot-Red.gif Yes, the KylBush McKennedy legislation is amnesty.

Regardless of what workaround D.C. wiggle words that any of those involved in this legislation profess otherwise, it’s amnesty.

I listened to Senator Kyl — author of the bill — yesterday as he appeared on HANNITY & COLMES on FOX News:

Dot-Red.gif Senator Kyl said that when he took office in Arizona, that he received a lot of voter demands to “do something about illegal immigrants.”

So Kyl says that he “objected to” the McCain/Kennedy legislation but that he likes his KylBush McKennedy legislation, because he “got to write this bill” and because of that, “it’s a much better bill.” Like that makes it better.

Kyl was asked by Hannity about his “bill” being “amnesty.”

Kyl said he “doesn’t call it amnesty.” Like that makes it not amnesty.

Kyl was asked by Hannity and then Colmes — from his opposite Liberal criticism — as to the “Z visa,” which this “bill” involves.

And Kyl said: “the Z visa will be awarded immediately to all (undefined as to who he means by “all”) and it will enable them to leave (the U.S.) and come right back in.”

Dot-Red.gif Now, that’s amnesty. Just that Kyl (and Bush, and other RINOs) doesn’t “call it amnesty.”

Kyl continued: “They’ll (illegal aliens) have to pay various USER FEES to…well, perhaps that’s the wrong word, ‘USER,’ but they’re going to have to pay various fees if they want to stay here…”

Just before Kyl corrected his choice of words there, his speaking voice had assumed a booming level and then with the use of the word, “user,” he appeared to realize that he was speaking on public broadcast and he corrected his CHOICE OF WORDS but the concept and intent certainly wasn’t changed: “USER FEES” are exactly what the intent is as to the concept of this legislation: Kyl and other RINOs along with the usery Democrats are CHARGING PEOPLE TO USE THE COUNTRY, without regard for their legal presence here.

Which, again, is amnesty. Fees, no fees, it’s still amnesty, it is still a disregard for the Constitutional definition of U.S. citizenship in preference for a form of sale or “renting” of citizenship that denies applying the Constitutional penalty to being in our nation illegally: deportation.

Moreover, this KylBush McKennedy legislation declares that anyone in the U.S. illegally “before January 2007” gets to participate in this Z visa amnesty, they get to pay fines but follow the notoriously corrupt “path to citizenship” for the one and only qualification that they’ve been in the U.S. illegally prior to January 2007. Now, that is amnesty.

Dot-Red.gif And, worse, as amnesty, it is rewarding illegal behavior and the people responsible for it with U.S. citizenship, and withholding penalty for their wrongdoing. I can’t think of a greater insult to existing U.S. citizens than this KylBush McKennedy fiasco combination of intents and plans from D.C. is and has been. It’s just ultimately and disgracefully insulting to U.S. citizens, including the many who have legally immigrated here and become U.S. citizens by doing all that is required to esgablish their good character and competency in that regard.

The legislation is rotten, in concept, in content, in intent. I’m immensely disappointed in President Bush, I’m even more immensely disappointed in the Democrats who are using Hispanic ethnic supremacy groups — many of them from other countries and if not from other countries, certainly working in service to other countries and in counter purpose to U.S. citizens — to destroy our nation for apparent self-servicing greeds.

Dot-Red.gif The problem of illegal aliens in our nation and ongoing illegal immigration to the U.S. can be solved by:

— enforcing our laws (deporting illegal aliens);

— securing our borders (build the wall, increase effective border patrol and allow law enforcement nationwide to verify citizenship or legal residency and if not, deportation to follow);

— apply effective, meaningful penalties to all who employ illegal aliens (and a process that verifies citizenship of applicants before employment), thus ensuring that the liabilties for knowingly employing illegal aliens rests upon those responsible and not upon the general taxpayers;

— refuse taxpayer funded services to all illegal aliens, to include disallowing them the receipt of assistance for housing, educations, food, healthcare, licensing (any/all);

— require tenancy-count limitations in all U.S. housing standards (no unrelated individuals beyond reasonable occupancy numbers in each resident structure);

— disallow all federal funding to any city, town, county or state that declares “sanctuary status” to any city, town or county;

— enforce the real intent of the Constitution that does NOT bestow U.S. citizenship to any child born in the U.S. whose parents are not U.S. citizens; and,

— end chain migration (if someone wants to come to the U.S. “to work,” then they can apply for a visa to do that like every other legal resident has done).

These measures would immediately reduce illegal aliens in the U.S. in numbers, and, they would immediately and over time reduce the abuses of our social services by growing population sof illegal aliens.

The United States has deported successfully illegal aliens in times past and successfully prevented millions of them from continuing to enter and remain here. What we have in D.C. today are people who don’t want to solve this problem, who don’t want to enforce the laws, who are working feverishly to manipulate terms like “enforcement” and “the problem” and so much more associated with this current KylBush legislation, as also the McKennedy fiasco, both of which are amnesty regardless of what these misguided and misleading politicians try to tell the rest of us otherwise.

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