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The Left went it’s most iniquitous when first the news appeared that Jerry Falwell was found unconscious and receiving emergency medical care.

The Left flopped at it’s most flagitious when the news of Jerry Falwell’s passing was announced.

I can understand criticising and even rejecting the behaviors, opinions and/or works of another person while they’re living or as to contestable legacy, but in the case of Falwell, his very soul and mortality have been cursed by the Left net-wide and news-wide. The fact that he died a mortal death is even rejoiced in depravity by the Left.

The Left utterly misunderstands what Jerry Falwell had to say while among the living. Much of what he said flew over their plaque-ridden ideologies such that his messages were routinely reworked by the Left into various regurgiations in attempts to bolster the memes the Left relies upon for to lose their souls and insist everyone else do likewise.

Jerry Falwell made more than a few straightorward statements, some of which could be held as tactless, I agree — if one is led only by feelings and needs and wants without regard for a higher context to which Falwell usually referenced — but, he was a preacher, he said what he felt, what he perceived as truth and important to be made known.

But the notion that a person with a religious message should be expected to remain coy or evasive about their beliefs inorder to avoid a cacophany makes little sense to most preachers and I’m glad about that, and much of what Falwell said was based in Scripture. The Bible isn’t written inorder to court Liberal trends or placate Socialist memes or whatever else may be the most comfortable to a Liberal audience — there are severities in there, it does not contain rationalizations as to why everyone should do everything if it makes them “feel good”. But hating a messenger because one hates the message, as the Left so often does as to Christianity, secures the Left’s self-condemnation, a classic case, Biblically, of gloating over worldly circumstances and perceptions and inwardly rotting away from Bethlehem.

The degree of sickness from the Left I’ve read yesterday and today about Jerry Falwell is inexcusable. Inexcusable in any civilized society, inexcusable in any competent academics, inexcusable on any reasonable use of the internet and responsible use of the media otherwise. Falwell led a human lfe complete with human relationships and certainly there are surviving persons who grieve at his passing and the Left, apparently from what’s been written about Falwell, respects life only so much as they can condemn it.

What I’ve read, in fact, seals the fate of the Left — who most of us not among them suspect at similar times of this degree of their depravity to be incompetent (I recall the wave of negativity from the Left when Ronald Reagan passed). The demented, depraved and obscenely manic comments from the Left about Falwell’s passing seal the fate of the Left. I cry for them. I pray for them. And then I abandon them.

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