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“…Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean told immigrant supporters illegal aliens and their supporters in Miami that a reform bill currently before Congress was `”insane”‘ because it would require many illegal immigrants to return home before applying for citizenship…”

Note in that article that illegal aliens are said to be “afraid” because of negative consequences for their behaviors and character question marks — not fear of their behaviors and character flaws, but of the threat of negative consequences for their behaviors and questionable character. And yet, they protest the consequences and don’t object to their own bad ethics. Neither does Howard Dean.

Dot-Red.gif Here’s why I think Howard Dean is insane, to reapply his language: illegal aliens are in the United States without legal process and in defiance and violation of many of our laws (among other objectionable qualities that characterise their behvaiors and bad ethics). To ask them to return to their home-nations and then apply for legal entry into and citizenship in the United States is reasonable. To encourage them to avoid accountability is what’s “insane” — though I’d say more accurately that it’s illigitimate and corrupt.

Socialism encourages people to expect someone else to support the liabilities of others. “It can’t be done” (and therefore, “I can’t do it”), “that’s insane,” “I can’t” and “you must” are all expressions of demand upon others to contend with the actions of someone else. Socialism encourages people to avoid personal responsibility so of course to Socialist Howard Dean and the Socialist party he represents — the Democratic Party — it’s terrible, bad, wrong, “insane” for illegal aliens to be asked to solve their own situations, particulalry in a legal fashion. They arrived here by their own plans, they can “de-arrive” by their own plans if they want to solve their illegal situations.

And, of course, “going home” doesn’t ensure illegal aliens that they’ll be able to return to the U.S. afterward, particularly if they have fear of having other actions found, so of course it isn’t something persons of those worries would prefer to do.

Dot-Red.gif But for legitimate persons, those who actually intend to be U.S. citizens, support democracy, understand and protect and defend our Constitution, learn English and pass a health and character “check” on application process — to ASK for permission to enter and remain in the U.S. — the idea isn’t wrong nor irrational but quite reasonable: it requires that they comply with legal immigration and with U.S. citizenship requirements.

Anyone who thinks those requirements are “insane” obviously doesn’t respect those requirements. And, in Howard Dean’s and the DNC’s case, is worried that “legal” may mean “legitimate,” that U.S. citizenship may require effort, that citizenship is still worth something and requires good character. Otherwise, riot, complain, demand and defame and burn down the nation defined by the rule of law.


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