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Prove to me that the U.S. Senate who is even remotely considering this S.B. 1348 without ripping it up and throwing it out a window is not insane, because never was a more disasterous, cowardly, corrupt and ridiculously profane work of “legislation” ever contributed to Congress than this:

And the White House gets no pass from me, either. Secretary of Homeland Security (so it’s alleged) Michael Chertoff takes the coward’s way out and says, woefully, that “deportation (of illegal aliens) isn’t practical” so, apparently, we have to concede and pillage the U.S. taxpayers (among other things) instead.

Deportation of illegal aliens is only as impractical as people such as Chertoff — in positions of trust, allegedly, on behalf of the citizens of the United States (allegedly) — are unwilling to enforce the law and do what’s necessary to solve this problem.

If EVER there was failed logic, these statements by Chertoff are that:


…Chertoff acknowledged that there is “a fundamental unfairness” in a bill allowing illegal immigrants to stay. But trying to force them to leave would be impossible, Chertoff said, “We are bowing to reality.”

He dismissed the argument of Republican conservatives, such as Rep. Brian Bilbray, R-Calif., who argue that illegal immigrants will leave if strict enforcement of U.S. laws makes it impossible for them to find a job.

“You’re not going to replace 12 million people who are doing the work they’re currently doing,” Chertoff said. “If they don’t leave, then you are going to give them silent amnesty. You’re either going to let them stay or you’re going to be hypocritical.”

Bilbray said his idea hasn’t worked because “there’s been a conscious strategy of not enforcing the law.” (…)

And, to emphasize the failed logic, there is this from Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez from that same article:

…Gutierrez addressed another controversial aspect of the immigration bill, a program to expand the number of foreigners who can work temporarily in the USA. The Senate on Wednesday voted to reduce the number of guest workers from 400,000 to 200,000 a year, a move Gutierrez called “a bit concerning.”

The USA needs more foreign workers as baby boomers retire, the Commerce secretary said. His department’s figures show the population ages 25-54 growing at 0.2% a year while the workforce is growing at 1.2% a year.

“The reality is, we don’t have enough people,” said Gutierrez, adding that many of the USA’s economic competitors, such as France, Germany, Japan and China, will be facing a similar demographic shift. “The big challenge of the 21st century is: Who gets the people? Who gets the immigrants?” he said. “We don’t appreciate today that these people are coming in for free.”

So, Guitterez thinks it’s because “immigrants” are not paying for their entry and use of the U.S. (“they’re coming here for free”). Nothing about the wrongs involved otherwise. And disregards the obvious that the “workplace” HE PROJECTS to be “growing at 1.2%” undoubtedly involves his own imagined ideals about what is involved with a “workplace” that INVOLVES MORE ILLEGAL ALIENS.

These are not “immigrants,” they’re people in our nation illegally who are not conscientiously “working” regardless of how much Guitterez, Chertoff, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, La Raza and other Hispanic ethnic supremacy groups and individuals allege otherwise.

BUT, I do note that at least Chertoff has dropped the insulting and deceitful selling phrase that illegal aliens are “doing the work Americans aren’t willing to do” with his version as in this article, that illegal aliens are “doing the work they’re currently doing.”

And I note Guttierrez’s reference to “the people” in synonymous use as to illegal aliens — his ethnicity is Hispanic, the majority of illegal aliens are Hispanic — without regard or reference to the citizens of the United States.

As to reality — the actual one, not this fantasy version of what’s what and what can’t be done because it’s too easy otherwise to bring ruin upon U.S. taxpayers, our value of U.S. citizenship and decency of definitions otherwise — the eager Senate’s conniving assistance is as much a part of our country’s problem, from the look of things.

Next Later thread (pending): this deplorable group: “The Gang of 12” in our U.S. Senate.

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