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One doesn’t prevent or withhold the other, I realize — being granted a U.S. passport and being incredibly selfish aren’t mutually exclusive — but after reading the news about this man infected with a form of drug-resistant tuberculosis gone globe-trotting with his bad ethics prompts many questions and raises many additional issues:

Dot-Black-SML.gif he held a valid U.S passport while also diagnosed with this dreadful (and contagious) drug-resistant form of tuberculosis, so how was it that he was allowed to maintain (and then use) the passport?

Dot-Black-SML.gif he rented cars, he flew in planes, he (obviously) spent (extended) time in hotel rooms and among various human congregations (extended close contact with general humanity worldwide), so the plane passengers he potentially infected are but one set of human concerns as to only one stop among his loathesomely selfish escapades that now require closer examination;

Dot-Black-SML.gif he re-entered the U.S. by rental car after his name was identified as a security risk to our U.S. border agents, which reinforces the observation by many of us U.S. citizens and residents that our borders are not secure, just as his actions reinforce the fact that his motivations and behaviors are profoundly selfish and irresponsible, utterly lacking in personal responsibility (he says that “doctors never told [him] not to fly” yet he certainly had foreknowledge of his infectious state prior to his international hops); and,

Dot-Black-SML.gif he persisted in re-entering the U.S. surreptiously after he was told to immediately report to a health facility while in Italy (and he didn’t), stating his concerns with with his own access to healthcare (he “feared [he] couldn’t get the healthcare [he] needed [if he remained in another country]” — no regard for the other country nor anyone else otherwise); and,

Dot-Black-SML.gif he states that he’s “a very well-educated, successful, intelligent person” as if that makes his immensely irresponsible ethical and biological condition less risky, more reliable, less a problem for everyone else he’s in contact with if left to his own desires.

How it was that this man from Georgia developed his drug-resistant tuberculosis is significant — the CDC says they “don’t know how” he did but they should be trying to figure it out inorder to diagnose other probable cases of this infection and to identify where it originated.

This man epitomizes the deception that besets and compromises our national security on a myriad of levels, just as this same degree of deception threatens human life elsewhere. We can set laws and declare requirements but without effective enforcement, they are impotent declarations in light of badly and wrongly intended individuals.

The same thing applies to illegal immigration, obviously, but is so often omitted from discussions as to illegal aliens among us, who arrived here by way of individually compromised ethics and remain here by way of surreptious acts just as this infected man made his selfish way around the globe.

The rising presence of tuberculosis in the U.S., in fact, is a result of illegal immigration, a myriad of persons entering and remaiing in our nation who have brought the infection with them and gone about infecting others once illegally in the nation. The states with the highest populations of illegal aliens also have the highest cases of reported tuberculosis in the U.S. This is from a article published in 2004:

TB continues to exact a severe toll on many U.S. communities. Seven states now bear more than half the total burden of TB disease in the U.S. California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, and Texas account for 59.9% of the national case total. The toll continues to be greatest among minority and foreign-born individuals, who consistently have higher rates of TB disease.

The information hasn’t been sequestered nor withheld from publish — although we do witness an ongoing effort among U.S. politicians to silence these significant negative facts in association with illegal immigration, if not also as they attempt to disallow the very notion that “illegal aliens” even exist. From an 2005 article:

In an article in the Journal of the American Medical Assn., Dr. Reuben Granich, a lead investigator for the Centers for Disase Control and Prevention, reports the emergence in the U.S. of a particularly virulent, multi-drug-resistant form of tuberculosis known as MDR-TB.

“Evidence of it has surfaced in 38 of 61 California health jurisdictions, and it could ‘threaten the efficacy of TB control efforts,’ Granich said. The infected were said to be four times as likely to die from the disease and twice as likely to transmit the disease to others.

“Reluctant to label the infected as ‘illegal’ or even ‘undocumented’ aliens, the report notes that of the 407 known cases of MDR-TB, 84% were ‘foreign-born’ patients, mainly from Mexico and the Philippines who’d been in the U.S. less than five years. The percentage of TB cases among the ‘foreign-born’ jumped from 29% in 1993 to 53% as of last year.

I have little sympathy for this man as an individual except within concerns and sympathies for the sick and infirmed. This infected man’s actions are exceptionally selfish, irresponsible and indicate gravely compromised ethics, if not also, almost certainly, a questionable health of what quality of mind that may remain in him — which may also be an aspect of his active infection of drug-resistant tuberculosis (it can and does affect the brain).


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  1. epador says:

    I am not so amazed that a personal injury attorney exhibits lack of ethics.

    This case should become an excellent motivation for the typical knee-jerk bureaucratic responses that could improve our attention to the issues of border security as well as illegal immigration. Although the lad’s Dad work at a TB facility, I’d be willing to bet the undocumented gardner or the maid are the most likely sources. Brings a new wrinkle to the phrase “diseases of the rich.”

  2. -S- says:

    Hey, epador!

    I didn’t know TB-man’s identity (nor career/work history) when I wrote this entry (not that that now changes my opinions about him but like you, it lessens my surprise at his behavior).

    I completely agree with your suspicions, also, as to the cause of this fellow’s health situation (how and where he contracted what he has).

    The ongoing revulsion at his — and his relation’s — wretched ethics is hearing him (and his relation’s) rationalizations as to their actions (he feared for his life while in Italy and yet he was not aware that his health situation was grave) (his wife’s crying performance on television combined with a broad smile at the mention of her husband’s/TB-man’s likely demise) and even worse, the statements that the father-in-law (wife’s father) who works at the CDC told TB-man that he was safe to travel…NO reputable person with knowledge of TB would ever tell anyone infected with TB that plane flight/extended plane travel was advisable.

    I suspect (strongly) that all my original thoughtts about TB-man’s terrible ethics are accurate. And, like you, it sounds very much like the bad ethics infect his entire social surroundings.

    The media remains deaf and dumb as to any investigation about where TB-man’s infection originated. It’s a very, very significant issue to be determined and yet…utter silence. More bad ethics.

  3. -S- says:

    “Speaker (TB-Guy) said he was advised at the time by Fulton County, Ga., health authorities that he was not contagious or a danger to anyone. Officials told him they would prefer he didn’t fly, but no one ordered him not to, he said.”


    Let’s see…he’s been to law school, he’s worked in areas of law with the public, he accredites himself as “an intelligent, well educated” man, and yet HE THINKS that with TB he’s not a danger to anyone else, despite as he alleges that no doctors “told him” “not to” fly. Convenient rationalization for a very, very selfish man without empathy for other human beings.

    I think the man shows signs of mental impairment. Otherwise, God help us if this is a well balanced man who just happens to have a bad case of drug resistant TB.


    And this from another article:

    In the sharpest contradiction in the accounts, Mr. Speaker said yesterday on “Good Morning America” that county health officials who met with him all but wished him bon voyage. Although they urged him not to travel to his wedding in Greece because of his tuberculosis, he recalled, they backed off under his father’s lawyerly prodding, saying, “Well, we have to say that to cover ourself, but he’s not a risk.”

    Steven R. Katkowsky, director of the Fulton County Department of Health and Wellness, said in an interview that the county had little power to detain Mr. Speaker, but insisted that they could not have made their warning more clear. “We told him that if you travel, you’re putting people at risk,” Dr. Katkowsky said.

    County officials said Mr. Speaker did change his travel plans after the meeting. But instead of canceling his reservations for a wedding and monthlong honeymoon, he moved up the departure date to May 12 from May 14 — too soon to get the follow-up letter from the county stating, “it is imperative that you are aware that you are traveling against medical advice.”

    Dr. Katkowsky said, “We are talking about a person who both had the intent and the means to escape the jurisdiction.”