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I was reading the news.

I followed a link to an article on REUTERS about “a sharp rise in unwanted pets” in Britain…via an image thumbnail of two cute, abandoned kitties…


I accessed a larger image view of that pix and I got this pix o’ group o’ Democrats on popup instead.

Then I visited another Reuters news article about “ice shrinks” in the Arctic and, again, via selecting an image thumbnail of various ice-cave images for purposes of viewing any larger image sizes…


I got this recurring pix o’ group o’ Democrats on popup at that page instead of ice caves.

When I revisited both articles and repeated the same steps, I got the accurate images on popup (larger views, abandoned pets and ice caves), but when I cleared my cache (all/everything), and performed the same steps yet again, I got the pix o’ Democrats yet again on larger-view popups, which means it’s a REUTERS content manipulation issue (hapless or intentional, can’t say) and isn’t some limitation or hangup of my desktop.

Note I haven’t yet made any attempts to individually access by choice, my selection, this pix o’ group o’ Democrats. But REUTERS sure doesnt’ want me to miss it.

Dot-Red.gif HOWEVER, as to the pix o’ group o’ Democrats, what is Bill Richardson grabbing? And why? Shrinking ice? Rise in unwanted pets?


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