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On THE O’REILLY FACTOR night before last, actor Jon Voight made a too-brief appearance and was surprisingly cogent. I write, “surprisingly” because being an actor has become nearly synonymous in the experiences of many of us with being a Leftwing insurrectionist, and when not that, certainly a Leftwing maligner of most things dear to many Americans (if not those elsewhere).

But there was Jon Voight in this brief appearance on O’REILLY, speaking kindly, thoughtfully, seriously and respectfully about the United States, our military, the President in the White House, about himself, about his host, about his daughter and family — without self-aggrandizement, with no self-pity.

Jon Voight’s a stand-up guy.

Article on FOX News (video viewable there, along with transcript of the appearance):
Actor Jon Voight on Daughter Angelina Jolie

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