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Marxist Socialists and Communists — many of them in the United States illegally — use May 01 to run amok in the U.S. in some self-angrandizing efforts to harm the U.S. economically: “boycott business” and make it difficult as they can by sheer mass numbers in the streets for the United States to conduct a day of commerce, in other words, to make a show of force.

Square-GreenGrey-MED.gif Illegal aliens use May 01 (last year and now again this year) to protest the United States’ enforcement of our laws (deportation for illegal aliens is a U.S. Constitutional penalty – protest the penalty and you protest the Constitution) and they protest illegal aliens and legal immigrants in the U.S. not being able to unabatedly bring with them to the U.S. anyone and everyone they regard as “family” (whether they’re related or not, nor otherwise engaged in legal presence in the nation), whether they illegaly enter or illegally remain here after their temporary legal tense expires (as in, after a Tourist and/or Student Visa expires).

Square-GreenGrey-MED.gif Our United States Constitution deems persons in our nation illegally to be “illegal aliens.” It does not declare that they are “undocumented workers” or even “undocumented immigrants,” but that they are “illegal aliens.” The Constitutional term, then and again, is ILLEGAL ALIEN for anyone in the U.S. illegally, without legal condition to be here in our nation.

The United States has allowed these many millions of illegal aliens to both enter our nation and to remain here. At this stage — reported over a decade ago at about twelve million illegal aliens here and they haven’t stopped arriving since then so it’s reasonably estimated today by people willling to be lucid about this problem that the illegal alien population in the U.S. is closer to twenty if not thirty million people — at this stage, their presence and continued arrival in the U.S. is a huge issue on national security, and in many subdomains of that issue: the targeting of our U.S. economy on May 01 by this large population of illegal aliens is thier statement that they intend to harm our nation economically as is also their insistence on using our nation in times past and up through the present by way of the liabilities and other damages done by their presence here.

Square-GreenGrey-MED.gif I wonder why they are not all back in their own nations, devoting this much energy to achieving thier goals and seeing their demands met from their own governments. The reason why is because the U.S. is their target, that which they intend harm upon (is it an indication of caring to steal, threaten, harass and exploit — I don’t think so).

And, everyone in this nation who assists illegal aliens in any way, particularly those who employ them, is responsible for this present-day grotesque exploitation of our democracy. Those who rationalize the use of illegal aliens for economic interests, as are social groups that aid and abet illegal aliens while denigrating the needy citizen neighbor around the corner who they’ve never talked to and don’t have any plans to do so, the investment and financial people who think our U.S. borders exist only to be exploited, these are the problem.

But the millions of illegal aliens in our nation who allege that the U.S. is the problem while they refuse to recognize their own personal responsibilities (they bring children here illegally, they’re responsible for the children not the U.S. taxpayers, and, if they abandon children in other nations and enter the U.S. illegally, the illegal alien is responsible for their children, not the U.S.). Illegal aliens are the culprits today and tomorrow and will continue to be with every day they’re permitted to remain here illegally.

Deportation and Border Security Walls aren’t end-all solutions, but they are a beginning and part of the whole solution when combined with other security and enforcement responses to these ongoing criminal acts by illegal aliens and proponents. And, deportation is only as impractical as it is not being carried out. Meaning, it’s quite possible and realistic to deport illegal aliens from our nation, just as it is possible to identify them beforehand. Like, for a great opportunity, May 01 public displays by illegal aliens.

Square-GreenGrey-MED.gif As for me tomorrow, I’m going shopping. The least I can do is save my errands from these last few weeks (and I have) and spend my dollars tomorrow among my neighborhood at the local businesses who I hope take heed of the fact that illegal aliens are not their friends. Nor friends of the United States of America. And when present in the neighborhood — or anywhere — are incentive enough for me to select where I shop and for what.

Our national problem is that the average American consumer hasn’t made it loudly and clearly enough to American business that we out-shop and out-consume illegal aliens in the U.S. and don’t consent to subsidize illegal aliens any longer — and those organizations that do fund illegal aliens (as they are also funding tomorrow’s and last year’s illegal aliens Run Amok Day) threaten their support and patronage by American consumers accordingly.

“There is no national security without border security.”

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I can now eliminate the Red Cross from my donations destinations:

The Red Cross issues “passports and identification cards” in Illinois (and Wisconsin and Indiana) to “citizens of Mexico” — who are in the U.S. illegally — that they must prove they’re here illegally to obtain and no one is penalized (note the woman in this story who is quoted as complaining that she needs to return to Mexico and has a problem getting back to work afterward and needs that passport, who obviously is in the nation illegally).


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