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I can’t help myself, I so enjoy the irreverant shortcuts from Britain. And I’m looking forward to seeing HOT FUZZ.

But here’s a Southern Yewknightid Staetes version – who needs film production when you have beer, deer rifles, trucks and barbeque:

Gratis (that’s a thankyew) to Florida Cracker for the DUMBASS PARTY link.

Dot-Red-SML.gif From the Elsewhere Files:
De Niro, Bowie in Festival Fight
Oscar-Winner Reportedly Spitting Mad at Rock Legend

The news I’ve been reading from this year’s Tribeca Film Festival isn’t too appealing — the Al Gore circuit among entertainment is creepy.

Although this year’s Tribeca includes the saving-grace U.S. premier of what looks to be the immensely interesting SPIDER-MAN 3, there should be room enough for more than one film festival in the realm that is New York City.

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