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Dot-Grey-Outline.gif All the students from Virginia Tech who have appeared on television and in the media since this terrible event from yesterday are truly impressive persons. Virginia Tech has a wonderful student body — and very remarkable and revered are those who lost their lives yesterday — despite one extremely disturbed and ill murderer among them. This is an intensely mournful situation.

However, alternatives to victimization:

Five Rules for Concealed Carry

A GUIDE to Carry License Reciprocity State By State
Based on information current as of August 15, 2006

Check your state for Concealed Carry rights and requirements (respective states can provide respective application and will assess permit fees) .

Florida and Utah issue Concealed Carry Permits (CCP/CFP/CCW) that are reciprocal in many other states…

U.S. Concealed Carry Tip of the Week
unfortunately, website is a tad outdated

Dot-Grey-Outline.gif Helpful Reading: CONCEALED CARRY“The Ultimate Resource for the Armed Citizen”

Dot-Grey-Outline.gif Meanwhile, the European press completely mischaracterises the deranged act of a maniac on the Virginia Tech campus as symbolic of “America” and our U.S. Constitutional Right to Bear Arms as declared in the Second Amendment.

Homicidal maniacs always find guns (or other lethal weapons) regardless of where they live or what the laws are. However, the issue, correctly, is as to the right of individuals in the United States to protect themselves and/or others from serious bodily injury, whether it is threatened by homicidal maniacs on educational campuses or elsewhere — and most importantly, the right of citizens to organize a militia for purposes of defending our nation from harms.

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