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I wanted to write about this incident from a recent Bill O’Reilly broadcast on FOX News as soon as it occured but then came the Easter weekend — thus, today, here’s my point of view (in support of what Bill O’Reilly had to say in that broadcast, despite his irate tense, which I found to be merited — more of this appropriate anger is necessary at this point from all concerned citizens):

Square-HatchedOutline.gif VIA The Stein Report:

O’Riled Up: Geraldo Vs. O’Reilly on Illegal Alien Drunk-Drivers


Square-HatchedOutline.gif My comments:

I agree that O’Reilly was more emotionally peeved than usual but given the irrational and emotionally derisive statements made to him by Rivera, I understand O’Reilly’s utter lack of tolerance.

I NOTE HERE that, as same with so many other ethnic-defining, ethnic-preferential Hispanics/Latinos, Rivera IMMEDIATELY took an ethnic position when O’Reilly objected to this illegal alien who is responsible for murdering U.S. citizens via the illegal alien’s latest drunk driving episode.

No sooner did O’Reilly mention “illegal alien” and “drunk driver” than Rivera started making baseless accusations in some sort of “defense by offense” method in “defending” “Hispanics” — up to that point, O’Reilly (nor no one on that broadcast) even MENTIONED “Hispanics/Latinos” but merely said “illegal alien” and Rivera lauches into the “he could have been Jewish, he could have been German, he could have been…”

Rivera is engaged in the very same ETHNIC SUPREMACY MOVEMENT on behalf of “Hispanics/Latinos” that horrifies our nation today as to the issue of illegal immigration and the many spinoff issues related to that.

WHY do “Hispanics/Latinos” immediately start verbally assaulting the United States of America AND us U.S. citizens whenever we discuss our borders, our Constitution in regards to illegal immigration and the vast illegal alien population in our nation today?

They do so BECAUSE they KNOW that the vast majority of illegal aliens in our nation today are “Hispanic/Latino” and most among those are from Mexico.

YET they cannot confront their own bad behavior and responsibilities for this issue of illegal immigration and continue to affront the American voters/taxpayers with demands for this, for that, and don’t any of us dare mention their ethnicity (or they’ll do what Rivera does and that is malign if not attack anyone mentioning “illegal immigration” UNLESS there’s equal mention of “immigration reform” which means “amnesty” and/or “path to citizenship.”

Rivera launched into this ethnic referencing as a Hispanic/Latino immediately when the issue of this one illegal alien drunk driver was mentioned, in a malginment of O’Reilly’s concerns about the guy being here illegally as being some malignment of “Hispanics” while Rivera, as a Hispanic/Latino, efforts to demean others AS TO ETHNIC DEFINITIONS.

It DOES matter that this drunk driver was here illegaly and I hope the guy (1.) goes to prison for a long, long time and (2.) if ever released from prison, gets immediate deportation without benefit of so much as one more taxpayer-funded dime to his miserable existence.

I don’t CARE that he’s “Hispanic/Latino” BUT THE POINT IS, WHY DOES RIVERA? His concerns — so he said — were that the guy was “a drunk driver, not that he’s ‘undocumented'” and yet why did Rivera respond so protectively and so immediately (and so critically about O’Reilly) as to the illegal alien, drunk driver being a Hispanic/Latino?

Answer that and you’ll cut through all this massive b.s. from mostly Hispanics/Latinos about their own ethnic supremacy. Aren’t they the ones saying, “we’re here, we’re not leaving”? That’s about as “supremacist” as an ethnicity as it gets. Especially when they’re “here” (in the U.S.) ILLEGALLY and refuse to honor our nation’s Constitution and by that, our laws. Just because they’re “Hispanic/Latino” does not render them “supreme” to bypass all the very significant rules and requirements that everyone else ( of other ethnicities and races) must (and almost always do) abide by.

Rivera was exposed very clearly on that broadcast as the ethnic-supremacist that he is. I’m very weary of hearing the many demands from Hispanics/Latinos upon and about the U.S., as they assume that we owe them this, that, whatever they want.

Enforce our Constitution and deport illegal aliens. I completely and utterly disagree with the notion that illegals should be given “permanent residency” in the U.S. if and as they pony-up $3,500. a year. Maybe the U.S. taxpayers should start asking for a $3,500. a year refund to accommodate D.C.’s insanity about this issue.


Square-HatchedOutline.gif About that closing paragraph just above — the “$3,500” fee reference — I refer to the latest attempt from D.C. to chew through the integrity of U.S. citizenship and continue to avoid enforcing our U.S. Constitution as to illegal immigration:

A recently leaked White House presentation, devised after weeks of closed-door meetings with Republican senators, suggests…

As spelled out in the presentation, which White House aides describe as ideas for debate, undocumented workers could apply for three-year work visas, renewable indefinitely at a cost of $3,500 each time. To get a green card that would make them legal permanent residents, they would have to return to their home countries, apply for reentry at a U.S. embassy or consulate, and pay a $10,000 fine…

…The bill would make illegal immigrants who were in the country before June 1, 2006, eligible for legalization after a $500 fine, a security clearance and proof that they had been actively employed before that date. After six years, immigrants who learn English, stay crime-free and pay an additional $1,500 would be eligible for permanent residency and eventually citizenship. Under the bill, hundreds of thousands of guest workers could enter the United States each year to fill jobs that Americans do not want.

Illegal immigrants hoping to become legal would have to return briefly to their countries, but they would have six years to do so. That “touch back” provision would include exemptions for children, non-working spouses taking care of those children and workers who could lose their jobs over an extended absence.


Square-HatchedOutline.gif Is there no end to the deviousness that characterises today’s political parties present in D.C. and in various state legislatures nationwide?

How many times do the reasonable folks among our population otherwise have to cringe at D.C.’s seemingly perpetual reliance on referring to ILLEGAL ALIENS as “crime-free” and otherwise owing the U.S. government “fees” to keep their criminal acts (entering the nation illegally, remaining here illegally, use of forged/false documents and so many more abuses of moral, ethical and LEGAL requirements) somehow pink as posies?

Do people elected to public office really — honestly — think that the majority of voters are stupid and gullible? That there’s going to be acceptance of these illigitimate, presumptuous, crime-indulgent concepts and goals? How many TIMES do we have to hear and read that amnesty for illegal aliens by various names otherwise is the goal when the vast majority of U.S. citizens consistently revile goals such as this?

Let any U.S. citizen or person applying for LEGAL IMMIGRATION offer anyone in our government a pay-off for the process and see what transpires (which I don’t advise anyone doing but just as an example here of the criminal minds working in today’s D.C.), or, any U.S. taxpayer offer a pay-off (“a fee”) to modify their filing status, taxes owed (just make them GO AWAY for a fee!)…

Square-HatchedOutline.gif The absurdity if not utter corruption implicit in these plans has been hashed and rehashed by countless voters nationwide and yet to hear and read the various missives from D.C. and various state legislatures, it’s as if they are operating in some casino backroom downstairs from the secret gambling island mecca of 1940’s Havana. Does our government even know what the U.S. Constitution is?

Our Constitution says that the penalty for being in our nation illegally is deportation. President Bush says that deporation is “not practical.” It’s only “not practical” to him and whoever it is he’s (unduly) influenced by but in reality, it’s perfrectly practical and it’s quite possible. What’s necessary is the will and intent to do so. Bush just does not have that resolve and it makes him — and our nation along with him and the Democrats in Congress and other areas of our national government — look very, very weak if not, worse, very, very corrupt.

Square-HatchedOutline.gif FromFrosty Wooldridge (although I don’t generally rely on as reference, Wooldridge’s recent article about this expose of Rivera on O’Reilly is not yet included “>on Wooldridge’s own website, so I refer to’s reprint of that article):

Illegals Commit Heinous Crimes UnhinderedO’Reilly Rages — If The Illegal Aliens Were Not Here, The Crimes Would Not Have Happened By Frosty Wooldridge 4-9-7

Square-HatchedOutline.gif We (majority of U.S. voters) support building a border security fence. It has not been built. We voted for enforcement of our Constitution as to illegal immigration. It has not been accomplished. We note that several thousand illegal aliens captured — only some of which have been deported — is but a minute dent in the population of illegal aliens in our nation today. We note that those in the U.S. who traffic in and employ illegal aliens — although a few hundred of them have been arrested and charged with various crimes — are but a drop in the bucket as to the process of penalizing criminal behavior that rewards and incentivizes other criminal behavior.

Square-HatchedOutline.gif On that O’Reilly broadcast, Rivera proclaims that illegal aliens are “here because we (the United States (solicited or invited them)”. Rivera expresses yet more of the criminal perspective that rejects personal responsibility, that rationalizes illegal acts along the way such that everyone else is to blame for the results characterised by the rationalization that because you’re solicited (if you even are, but that’s Rivera’s position and many other pro-amnestites’) then engaging in illegal activity is the fault or responsibility of the offer, not the acceptance of the offer.

In reality, to any conscienable person, both are rejectable, both solicitation of crime and engagement in crime are punishable and should remain so. Look around you to identify the unpunished criminals in our midst…parading in our streets, manipulating our government and media.


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