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Like many other citizens of the United States, I’ve been listening to the speeches and reading the transcripts from various statements by both Mexican President Calderon and President Bush, interspersed by the predictable bombast from Hugo Chavez.

After obtaining a transcript in a few minutes of the speech by Calderon and Bush that’s being delivered LIVE at present — Joint News Conference in Mexico by President Bush and Calderon — I’ll write about specific statements here. But, for now, never let it stand when anyone says that a “guest worker program” includes “protections for the rights of migrants…and enables family reunification…” as Calderon has just said and which was not denounced by Bush afterward.

“Family reunification” means permanent residency, it means occupation by those who are not seeking legal immigration nor U.S. citizenship. It has nothing to do with “workers” nor does the term “migrants” — to the contrary, this is intentionally misleading language used to confuse.

One key thing that also bothers me about this ongoing speech at present (Calderon and Bush, News Conference) was when Bush engaged in yet another one of those infamous Bush “mispeaks” that leaves everyone wondering if he meant the first term he used before he corrected himself and overspoke or edited his speech. He said, referring to himself and Calderon, “something we discussed during our mur…MEETING of…”

What was he actually saying? During their “‘mur…’ of…”

And then President Bush said: “there are strong protectionist interests in the United States…we should work together to reject those interests…”

If ever there were fighting words to incite citizen correction upon an elected official, these are those. Because Mexico is not a “partner” nor a “friend” nor qualifies as a good neighbor to the United States and that’s been made abundantly clear by many from Mexico over many years now both in and outside the United States.

Yet it is horrifying to hear a President of our nation servicing the lies of an enemy. And I believe Mexico is that enemy. There’s no doubt that Hugo Chavez and his dictatorship in Venezuela are. Yet it’s fearful and wretched to consider that a President might be, whether these players promote and use contradictory or even opposing goals as theirs — what’s key is that they work by whatever individual efforts to oppose the citizens of the United States and our democracy.

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