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Florida state senator Frederica Wilson (Democrat, Miami) wants Floridians to use evasive — if not inaccurate — language for the term, “illegal alien” and is efforting to legislate that behavior. She wants Floridians to call illegal aliens “undocumented immigrants” and various other rubics under penalty of legal reprimand — if not persecution — and for the state of Florida to officially deem the term, “illegal alien” unacceptable in Florida’s educational and judicial systems (among others). The intention of the legislation that Ms. Wilson’s involved with — Florida SB 2154 — seems to be, use the term “illegal alien” and go to jail/pay a fine/be an outcast/suffer some official penalty otherwise.

Square-Black.gif Perhaps calling crime a “happy dance” will work for Ms. Wilson. Or, maybe she’ll seek to redefine felonious assault as a “group hug.” Supposedly, that makes the issues “feel” better, “sound” “less offensive,” but it’s patent inaccuracy in language and worse, in any official capacity, it’s illigitimatacy in action. Driving the speed limit may be “offensive” to some but it’s still called a “moving violation” that you get a “citation” for when you get stopped by law enforcement (perhaps calling the cops the “bubblegum brigade” will make it less harsh when you go to court, err, go to “joyology camp”).

Ms. Wilson could help herself help those she is in office to help out by encouraging literacy and by not encouraging illiteracy and the dumbing down of public rhetoric just because, as she appears to suggest otherwise, it’s “nicer” to avoid being accurate in reference to “illegal aliens.”

But using legislation to threaten people into speaking nonsense is certainly not the way to go if someone is really interested in education. Or, perhaps, better said, it’s a good thing if what one seeks is increased illiteracy and social chaos.

Square-Black.gif If people find the defining term, “illegal alien,” to be “offensive,” they have the option to not engage in illegal immigration and otherwise to avoid becoming an illegal alien in the U.S. That’s the basis of personal responsibility that Ms. Wilson conveniently overlooks — or is unable to discern. Encouraging people to rationalize away into happy-funball-dreamland the realities of moral and ethical wrongs does everything to encourage the very educational woes that Ms. Wilson alleges to concern hersefl with.




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