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Tancredo pushes for border security and non-humorous humorist boy Dave Barry goes gutteral over Tom Tancredo, calling him a “xenophobic nutcase.”

Last November, Tom Tancredo referred to Miami as “a third-world country” for obvious reasons and many of us voters/U.S. citizens agree with him.

I’m one of those voting citizens who remembers Miami as a nice place that didn’t used to be a “third-world country” and a person who has lived long enough to confirm Tancredo’s observations about what Miami has become: a third-world country. I remember when Miami Beach was actually a family populated place with a lot of suburban ranch homes (with families with names on the mailboxes out front, ice-cream vendors in the streets and no one locked their doors) and the original Hotel Fontainebleau (not the current permutation by the same name) was actually a nice place to visit. No one spoke Spanish or demanded that everyone else listen to it or provide them with interpretations, the streets were safe after dark, there was no litter (in the ocean or out of it) people drove station-wagons and took their families to Parrot Jungle to watch the parrots play on little roller skates, children walked to and from school and no one worried about them when they did because there wasn’t any reason to. There were no dubious types hiding in the bushes in the early mornings, no one floated up to your house and then ran off with your clothes from the drying line outback, street signs were all legible, in English, and you could actually go swim at any if not all beaches in Southern Florida nearby without so much as a cigarette butt or styrofoam cup lying anywhere. That was before Miami became all that is opposite of all of that, as in, a “third-world country.”

From this Iowa newssite, Miami screedboy Barry is quoted:

Although Tancredo doesn’t have the national profile of more well-known Republican candidates such as former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani and Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain, he recently entered the spotlight tied to today’s Super Bowl in Miami.

Tancredo referred to Miami as a “Third World country” because many of the city’s residents don’t speak English. That caught the ire of Miami Herald humor columnist Dave Barry.

As part of his jabs against the congressman, whom Barry referred to as a “xenophobic dimwit,” the columnist told readers to call Tancredo’s office for Super Bowl tickets.

So, that makes two who have met at the bottom of the sunk reputation that is Miami’s: Dave Barry and earlier, Jeb Bush. Perhaps the rest of us many millions or so might want to call Barry’s publisher, THE MIAMI HERALD, and let them know we think Dave Barry is not funny. Which is part of Miami’s problem.

Oh, wait, I found a third person (legislator from Miami) who disagrees with Tancredo. Three against several million think Miami is fine and dandy — love the present day multi-mess just as it is. Non-humorous humorist Barry can’t see that because he’s whining too loudly in defense of nuttery, but then, he’s paid to. Question is, why? And why is that “funny”?

Because, to the contrary, I think it’s a crying shame.


“Typical Residential Drive, Miami Beach,” circa 1950/60’s — it really did look like this before the third-world influx began.

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