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Let’s start with the film’s title: “AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH.” No margin to question what the film’s contents are because whatever the question may be, if it’s counter to the film’s contents and message — if it’s not in the film — it’s not “truth.”

I know I didn’t have many doubts when I saw the big iron asteroid “the size of Texas” barreling toward Earth in ARMAGEDDON, and I believed that Gary Sinise was Lt. Dan and lost both his legs below the knees or thereabouts in FOREST GUMP, so what’s to argue with in AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH?

When films comprised of fiction “work,” there’s that thing called “suspension of disbelief” by the viewer. You view the film, you are wrapped up in the story before you, you’re entertained, you’ve willingly followed along from what you know to be actual into a realm of fantasy and when a film works like that, you “enjoy the ride” from one place — reality — to the screen’s place — fantasy replaces the real. But not really. It’s just a suspension of disbelief for purposes of accepting what the film before you offers. The light outside the theatre is still present and recognized by a viewer even when the screen has just presented a realm of utter and perpetual darkness.

Contrary to what occurs with AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH, entertaining films such as FOREST GUMP and ARMAGEDDON and others effect the resumation of the viewer’s disbelief as the viewer exits the theatre. Most viewers know they’ve seen something thought provoking (“what if”) and may even speculate that odds are grim toward a probable bad end should a giant ice comet or iron asteroid barrel toward Earth or a distant war require the viewer go serve, but, wait, for some (the hopeful, the optimists, as also the more easily deluded, unfortunately), there’s always the possibility that a heroic magic man blessed with a courageous best friend will placate life’s worries, then why worry. But, with AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH, there’s no room to counter or consider anything because it’s all decided for us by actor-playing-himself-personality Al Gore and filmmakers. Even when it isn’t, actually, really decided, as in, determined to be true, because it’s there in the film and the film says it’s “truth” so it must be. Or else (“exclusive!”), they wouldn’t declare that it is (whatever it is), and in this case, it’s a series of declarations that fantasy is truth and worse even moreso, that it’s “science,” the conclusion of an empirical process arriving at a proven hypothesis — which (film contents) it is not.

It’s not an “inconvenient” truth, it’s a convenient deception because it’s useful for socio-political intents and because science doesn’t work that way, science isn’t a film, it isn’t fiction, it’s not an effort to arrive at what’s most entertaining, popular or what plays best to Hollywood’s self satisfactions.

If there’s no margin for discussion, there’s no discussion, no consideration of a full range of concepts and ideas and thus, there’s no scientific process, nothing’s postulated and then proven. And the inconvenience enters into this sinker when it’s hokey, “false,” a series of statements posed as established information (“truth”), posed as science-as-established-fact when it’s mere speculation and isn’t fact nor proven. It’s also offensive to a scientific or empirical process when it remains in the realm of fantasy — which this film largely is because of it’s reliance upon a plethora of possibilities and projections.

In which case, it’s not science, it’s speculation but in the case of this film “starring” Al Gore, it’s fantasy and socio-political notion masquereding as fact (“it’s a documentary” the film’s presentation declares), and that makes it propaganda. But seeing Al Gore rewarded as a performer is something to remember.

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Robert Kennedy, Jr. and a bunch of other Liberals — who are moreoreless mostly in college — have a laugh by condescending about the stupid Republicans — but they’re not REALLY condescending about politics, just about Republicans. Who Kennedy and his audience think are stupid, as in, the Republicans are not as smart as Democrats — who, by the way, are not Republicans, nor stupid. Because they’re Liberal and they GET IT, and Republicans, since they’re stupid, do not.


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