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Thanks to Michelle Malkin and HOT AIR TV for the mention of this — video as it also appears on YouTube — go buy this DVD: OUTSIDE THE WIRE.

Outside the Wire

This is the Iraq War you won’t see on the evening news.

Former Marine and television news producer JD Johannes traveled to Iraq with his old Marine Corps unit to produce syndicated TV news reports for local stations.

From those reports comes a view of the war that only the grunts who operate outside the wire experience.

From a dust-up with Al Qaida outside Abu Ghriab, to a night raid on the home of an insurgent leader, you will see what the Marines saw and hear the story in their own words of why they joined, volunteered for the deployment, why they fight and what it is like to go outside the wire and into combat.

Director: JD Johannes
Title #222395
Running time: 55 minutes
Format: DVD-R

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