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Just something to read about and listen to but try to wait until an hour before or an hour after supper…

from blog, Galley Slaves:


And, while I’m on these issues (monsters, the Episcopal Church and advertising), I’d like to include that I thought the insidious use of the funeral ceremony for former President Gerald Ford in the National Cathedral, Washington, D.C. on January 02, 2007, by Episcopalian minister, Robert Certain, to promote Certain’s socio-politics to be despicable.

Specifically, Mr. Certain referred to former President Ford as having opinions as to the schism in the Episcopal Church (the mushy issues — in Biblical context, mushy issues — of homosexuals and females in the Episcopalian ministry) while Ford was obviously not available to declare his opinions for himself nor call into question anything said in heresay by Certain.

As to my description of “mushy issues” (of homosexuality and homosexuals and/or females promoted to ministry positions in a Christian faith), I note on the internet, as with seeded throughout our society, it is socio-political Liberals (to include the “Reform” Judaists) who allege that the Bible is being wrongly interpreted by Christians who do recognize God’s declaration that homosexuality is “an abomination” (among other reprimands and directions about our human behaviors and practices, including those as to who is to lead and who is not), or, worse, that homosexuality is an issue to argue about in defense before God because His judgement “isn’t fair” in their context of socio-political Liberalism (among that simple Google search result can be found a site that alleges to represent “Christians” but which promotes “polyamory” among other sexual behaviors, referring to themselves as “Liberated”), and, as also from nearly all Reform arguments, which condone if not promote homosexuality among other occultist beliefs and practices (and, to be clear here, Reformists are not Christians and Judaism is not Christianity — and it’s arguable among Judaism whether or not Reformists are Judaists, to further complicate things).

Ultimately, as they have affected the Episcopal Church, these issues will affect all Protestantism, if not already. But, back to my issue of complaint here about the Gerald Ford national funeral:

The words, “cheap shot advertising” and “gratuitious social engineering” most certainly apply to Certain’s statements and venue: he could easily have used the funeral to honor the man before him and to put aside his socio-political views for about an hour or so, despite the shiny, red, tasty media coverage before him at Ford’s national funeral.

However, Certain’s gross liberties during the funeral are a ripe example of why there IS that schism among Episcopalians, in my view: the context bastardization by Certain at such a solemn — but highly media-covered — event as the funeral of a former President from a man (Curtain) with socio-political opinions who used the funeral of another to promote his questionable fruit.

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