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This just about takes the cake as to Liberal hypervigilence of school clothing worn by students:

Student Forced To Remove ‘Gang-Style’ Gators Shirt

While I think there’s a great case here to consider that these Liberal Faux Educators are almost certainly in some sort of allegiance relationship with the rival of the rival to the North, Florida State University, the University of Florida Gators are hardly “gang-(related)” but apparently to crazed “educators,” they are To the contrary: what appears to be “gang-style” is these Educators.

The ~problem shirt~ of issue (peruse these).


From the look of things, the majority of online readers think these “Liberal educators” (can we even call them that?) have gone (way) too far into some sort of Hypervigilent Screedville, as I do:

at this date and hour,

— 82% (total of 1998 voting) say YES (school overreacted), they did go too far, and

— only 17% / 18% (at 153 / 426 total votes) say they did not go too far.

Did School Overreact By Forcing Student To Remove Shirt?

Two Osceola County parents said their son was humiliated at school when he was suspected of wearing “gang-style” clothing. The parents told Eyewitness News, if their son was wearing low baggy pants or a bandana, by all means he should have been sent home, but he wasn’t. He was wearing a Florida Gators t-shirt. Did The School Overreact?

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My favorite, the 2006 Gators National Champions Cap (the University of Florida Gators are the only university to hold the football and men’s basketball championships simultaneously).

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  1. -S- says:

    I was very, very young, but I did get to see Steve Spurrier play football when he was still playing for the Gators. It was a sight to behold, let me tell you.

  2. richard says:

    Spurrier’s gone, right? Can’t we stop the hate for once?

  3. richard says:

    Spurrier’s gone, right? Can’t we stop the hate for once?

  4. patd95 says:

    I almost had a heart attacke when I saw this…you have to think that the edu-cranks in question were alums from FSU, or at least on a work-release program. Why else would anyone hate on the Gators?

    If edu-wonks really want to go after gang stuff, besides the crap that is marketed as gangsta clothes, then what about Georgetown, Miami, Duke? Watch music videos and look at the threads the gangstas wear…it ain’t Gator stuff.

    UF has the best slogans of any school like, ‘In Poland, they tell FSU jokes’ ‘The only sign of intelligent life in Tallahasse – Gainesville 127 miles’

    Now how can those slogans on shirts be gangsta?

    What a great post and blog…

    Go GATORS!

  5. -S- says:

    Thanks, pat, and for sure, GO GATORS!