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An atheist hates me. He or she hates me because (to represent here a portion of what the atheist writes about me) I am not Jewish (yes, I am not) or because — so the atheist writes — I “hate Jews” (I do not), or perhaps married “an illegal Guatemalan” (I have not of either/or kind) or have not “died a miserable old hag” (still living, not miserable, hardly a hag), am a “miserable wretch” (no, except of course, to the suffering atheist), or, because I thanked our U.S. military serving in Iraq for their service for our nation (the atheist cites two occurences of this — allow me to use this opportunity to again thank our U.S. military for their service), or am not a Democrat (what the atheist expresses is predominantly the motive why I am no longer a Democrat, after reading many, many such hateful malignments by other Liberals/Democrats about nearly everyone else, particularly about Christians, I changed my registration to Republican), or, am a Conservative (I am one but the atheist truly reviles Conservatives), or, because I oppose illegal immigration or…a terrible combination of all of that and more bringing forth the hate from the atheist, like a foul stench from a pool of nothingness reduced there to what it is now from what it was at one time that no longer can be identified.

Even more peculiarly, the atheist cries out that I intend to “take away the rights of people” because of something in the Bible. I have no idea what “rights” nor what “people” the atheist is concerned about, nor what possible passage in the Bible that would deny “them” — whoever ‘they’ are — but I do wonder if this atheist has ever read the Bible, including the New Testament. And then the green pea soup ooze ensues: the atheist alleges that I “have a hardon for Nancy Pelosi…the one with the great rack.” Apparently Hell is mad that I have dared to point out in this blog human fallibility of Nancy Pelosi among other Liberals currently in our Congress and nation. Hell is certainly mad that I oppose illegal immigration. Or, more probably, one suffering human being — the atheist blogspot blogger — is mad and irrational and Hell is fine with them being that way is my best guess.

God offers far more reward than that and is worth the travelling involved.

I knew ahead of reading this that evil never takes a holiday, but in this case, the atheist has been driven insane by it. The rest of what oozes out of the bleak blogspot-hosted site is far more deranged than anything I have ever heard from nearly anyone about anyone else.

Governments and legislated privileges (nor female politicians, nor male ones, for that matter) are not aspects of my religious beliefs, however (I do not worship legislation nor a legislative process nor any government, I do not lie in lust or lusting over anyone and I am a heterosexual), nor do I advocate for taking away “rights” that are not bestowed on anyone — that doesn’t even make any reasonable sense — certainly not an advocate against anything IN the Bible, although that’s another range that the atheist in question here certainly is not in relationship with, nor familiar enough with to even pose a reasonable arguement (nor even a defined one, which means a posit that includes specific terms, passages, principles and references).

What I think the point is, is that atheists hate — and there’s no bottom to the extent that they rationalize why they do hate — Christians. I am a Christian and there the atheist’s bumpiness appears to have been set in motion, however flat that may be.

To further illustrate this experience here, the atheist’s point of reference situates in what Dante describes in INFERNO (the third book in Dante’s three-part literary work, THE DIVINE COMEDY) as the “lowest circle of Hell” where Lucifer (“Dis”) resides along with treachery, the treacherous and the most severely condemned for their denigration of God, God’s Grace and rejection of His salvation through Jesus Christ, His only son, and as they there have influenced society toward those devastating ends. And from a blog called — in the atheist’s referencing — “thedisbrimstone-dailypitchfork” which titling is contingent upon Dante’s depiction of Lucifer’s (“Dis”‘s) belching in that lowest circle of Hell (thedisbrimstone is synonymous with theluciferbrimstone and the addendum — dailypitchfork — is hardly a curiosity after that).

The atheist with buzz in heart and ear from the depths of Hell is upset because I am twice divorced (I am — those occured a long time ago — more about that in a few minutes) — and the atheist alleges nonsensically (among their many complaints) that I “hate Jews” (the atheist’s suffering lies originate in hate, it’s not supposed to be sensible nor to make sense) and a general ongoing mix of what reads as a veritable opera of personal pain by the atheist him or herself. It is tough to find onesself in Hell after a life lived in denial that that Hell even exists but there he/she is, the atheist engaged in treachery to the fullest extent that treachery does, and he/she still has Hell before him (or her) unless he/she receives salvation (and I hope that he or she does).

I have long known that, eventually, any defect or chip or vulnerability in the life of me (twice divorced, later a Catholic who takes Christianity seriously) would eventually be hacked with pitchforking methods by whoever was in need of an access point (I believe the methodology goes, look for a weakness and then hack at that). But, about the two divorces, that part is true and that part is mentioned pretty reasonably in my Autobiography in my Gallery website.

The details, however…I always wonder if people such as this atheist strike out using information such as this about a total stranger to them (in this case, me, since I do not know the atheist complainer-hater from that blog) for purposes of gaining increased access to private information but I think that’s a good place to start assuming what’s motivating someone such as this.

Today — and since the beginning of 1980 — I am a Catholic. Earlier in life, I was baptised and then raised a Protestant Christian and remained so for most of my life up to and into my twenties. However, my first marriage, at an early age and while in college, was not a relationship of love and fidelity and the divorce followed a separation after ongoing denigration of those marriage vows.

To state the obvious, all two-person relationships involve two persons. And, it’s just not fair to publicly associate which violations of what expectations one person committed, regardless of how nasty this screeding atheist-blogspotter is — he/she is still a stranger and I’d like to keep it that way; and, the internet is no place to respond to irrational nastiness regardless of how loud someone yells for information from the depths of Hell.

My second divorce concluded a non-Christian marriage and relationship and was primarily due to abusive behavior of an extreme level such that it was grotesque. I was counselled by two Catholic Parish Priests, a third Catholic Priest who was a Monsignor and one Jewish physician (who I did not “hate” then nor do I now) prior to leaving that relationship and all of these who counselled me independently of one another advised in no uncertain terms to leave the man and to divorce, as did my own father, who was also by that time, a Catholic Priest.

I was confirmed a Catholic after separating from that person, after filing for a civil divorce, and have remained a devout Catholic throughout the greater part of my past almost thirty years, with a few withdrawals from principles and some crises at times, yes, but never with a loss of faith, belief and gratitude to God for my person, for others and for God’s gift of his Son, Jesus Christ. I have never compromised my Catholic professions, so to speak, as recited before God at Mass (Catholic church service) and I feel no compromise today about my past because of God’s forgiveness and healing of past memories.

Although I do wish today I had not experienced suffering in the past as I did, and I would not wish that on anyone, even the atheist of question here (nor any others), I recognize the past suffering as a result of sin and of lack of faith. And I recognize God’s forgiveness of that sin and because of that, an alleviation from suffering associated with it. It just took me, emotionally and psychologically, nearly a decade to recover and regroup following what I’d experienced in that second relationship; it was as if a great fog surrounded me and lifted ever so slowly with each year but it did lift and then it was gone.

Christianity does not require nor even demand that anyone remain with anyone else who is abusive to or about them. There is nothing in Catholicism that sanctions nor recognizes, to my knowledge and as I have been counselled, that anyone remain with anyone else in such a relationship that is demoralizing, threatening, condemning of one’s life and soul and destructive of one’s person. That isn’t marriage, that is sin and I am exceedingly grateful today that God encouraged me and led me away from that. As a Catholic, I am not bound to maintain nor even support such a relationship, nor is any other Catholic and Christian so bound or even requested to do so.

I have no pride in past sins as I have no fondness for the sin involved. It is possible to reconcile onesself with God and I have no question of God’s goodness in the lives of those who believe in Him and in His forgiveness for the penitent upon confession of and departure from sin.

But these terms are nearly impossible to explain to an atheist who seems bent on destroying a person, even across the internet with nary an email to ask what’s what. It’s an impossible attack to defend against, and in this context, I do not feel a defense is necessary so much as I feel prayers are needed for this hateful atheist who is so clearly suffering.

Perhaps God’s call for me at this time is to say to this atheist:

Jesus Christ came into this world to save sinners — for your sins and for mine. And that I pray for your disbelief, as I also forgive you your doubts about and malice toward me — although I believe that you not targeting me so much as using me to express your own condition of turmoil and fear and rejection of salvation. Your fight is with God and you reject God’s good Graces, so available to you if you but ask Him.

But, politically, striking out at people so horribly as this one atheist has at me, by alleging grotesquely that I “hate Jews.” is obscene (and then the atheist declares that I should be “in bed with Ahmadinejad,” someone I consider to be as troubled as the troubled atheist maligning me). And, as with the atheist’s loathed self-reflection, his unwelcome doppleganger, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the atheist’s voice communicates the last-ditch screed of a tortured soul intent on death and destruction, determined to scratch away with any possible pick, and I rebuke it.


“For we ourselves were once foolish, disobedient, deluded, slaves to various desires and pleasures, living in malice and envy, hateful ourselves and hating one another. But when the kindness and generous love of God our savior appeared, not because of any righteous deeds we had done but because of his mercy, he saved us through the bath of rebirth and renewal by the holy Spirit, whom he richly poured out on us through Jesus Christ our savior, so that we might be justified by his grace and become heirs in hope of eternal life. This saying is trustworthy.” — (Titus 3:4-8).


Unfortunately, sick people are only urged on to increased mania the moment they get a glance. The atheist-madman/men/woman/women continue to despair in a very sick state of mind and soul. I’ll continue to pray for them, whoever this group or individual lost to madness may be. I see, however, that the only awareness of offenses done by this madperson or persons is that they declare they “are not an atheist.”

A lie. Yet another one. Although, within an insane context as on this atheist’s site of question, I suppose adulating their goat heads floating on a lake of fire — the recurring graphic of choice on the atheist’s/atheists’ website — can be considered to represent some sort of “religious” belief.

An ending note with a dab of humor, however, is: the atheist counted my words! The atheist actually counted the number of words I’ve taken to write my comments about their floating-goat-heads sorry state of place and person. Hell is a place of tedium.

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  1. Jay Tea says:

    If it’s any consolation, this born-again agnostic just loves ya to pieces.


  2. -S- says:

    It is consolation, J., and the feeling is mutual, too.

    A real friend, you are, showing up when you are — and a friend is — most needed.

    God bless.