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From the (Robert) Evans-Novak Political Report (January 10, 2007), the following observation approaches what is very likely to be what the “new Democrat majority” in our U.S. Congress is all about, and, describes well what imprudent use of chaotic governmental process (and our government, too, to state the obvious) is all about:

100-Hour Agenda:
Democrats’ attempt to implement their “first 100 hours” agenda has had mixed results so far, with some successes but a few bloopers as well.

Ethics Reform:
The Democrats’ House ethics reform hit a snag with their prohibition of travel by members on corporate jets. The new rule bans travel on non-governmental planes that are not licensed by the FAA for commercial air travel. The problem is that the FAA does not license planes for commercial air travel — only pilots. The way the rule is written, members of Congress would literally be forbidden from flying on any commercial flight as well as any corporate jets. Republicans pointed to this difficulty as a result of Democrats’ failing to put any of their “100 hour” legislation through the committee process.

Meanwhile, Senate Democrats are not following their House counterparts in enacting a ban on Senator” flying on corporate jets. The main concerns are that the provision could make re-election more difficult for many incumbents. As a compromise, their package makes such travel much more expensive for senators by requiring them to pay a charter rate.

Republicans can complain about Democrats’ breaking promises on this issue, or on the issue of implementing all of the 9/11 Commission’s recommendations. But they will make very little headway in this way, simply because the Democrats were not elected because of the promises they made. Democratic promises of 2006 were not like the 1994 “Contract with America,” in that they had little to do with Democrats’ success. They were basically an afterthought, a legislative agenda thrown together in the campaign’s last days after it was already clear Democrats were going to take the House. Democrats won because of the Republicans’ behavior — something that will take extra time for Republicans to recover from.

A cursive moral here:
when you run from “corruption” you are likely to run into the arms of the corrupted unless you are sure where you are going.

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