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Much of what I read lately keeps me busy elsewhere and worse, points out where my knowledge has been limited in some areas and opinions undeveloped if not unduly influenced. Perhaps that’s what’s called maturity, learning to recognize, accept and change one’s opinions based upon encountering new information, but, at times as meaningful and significant as is Christmas, my faith in God and Jesus Christ and His birth and resurrection remain resolute, while belief in human intents and assumptions continues to be held up for closer review and often with a raising degree of shock and awe.

I am generalizing, I understand that, but our times involve such drastic reactions to those who are specific about the most serious of issues affecting themselves and others that I find comfort at times of blogging in humor and avoid sharing the important, essential rest.

Our world has come to this, that a person most transparent is easily targeted for damage. I wish it were not so, but it is and it is almost usually in areas of belief when and as we are Christian. For many, current influences can be traced back to a misleading source and they are, like grains of wheat, lost in rocky soil.

Thus, politics as falsehood attempts another range of influence and power. And to mislead, or, rather, lead astray. And so it has and I am not immune from rocky roads, dead ends and false messages. All except for one: I pray and wish for everyone the merriest of Christmas 2006 and that you know our Savior, Jesus Christ, and follow Him.

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  1. epador says:

    Merry Christmas.

  2. -S- says:

    Merry Christmas to you, too, epador (nice to hear from you again!). Hope your Holiday is a great one…