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“I am Hispanic, which I believe is an asset,” Richardson said.

While I have come to expect that ethnic supremacy from Hispanics (among others), especially politicians — whose tact of self-promotion is angled when they recognize a trend to which they can associate by way of skin color and/or ethnicity — is today’s lapel or breast posey, the fact that FOX News has become cheerleader central for their emerging Congress and White House “take back” is the real issue here, as is other allegedly “Conservative” media (DRUDGE REPORT has more Democrats featured more often photographically than I see nearly anywhere else).

As to FOX News, what’s up with the network? Not like they’re hiding their hammering punch style mentions of Democrats, Democrat spokespersons, Democrats again and again under whatever name possible. DRUDGE. I believe, is understandable on an ethnic and socially Liberal level, but FOX is a surprise of late.

I thought I’d add here, in my adaptation of Bill Richardson — since I’m now hearing and reading this sort of trendy speech on the television and international print media — “I am Caucasian, which I believe is an asset.”

If Richardson can promote himself based upon his ethnicity for the U.S. Presidency (as he has for other public offices he’s held, and as FOX indulges him in so doing), then is that now the thing to be done? So, thus, I can promote myself as being assisted because I am Caucasian? Proud to be “White”? Glad to be Caucasian because I “believe it is an asset”? If it’s Presidential to engage in ethnic supremacy as Richardson and others like him do, then, truly, how desperate are the standards today of what once was our reasonably well aimed nation as to equality of the real kind.

That is the going style, from what I see and hear today, to dwell on one’s ethnicity and race and promote it in self-centric method. At least, that’s what the DNC’s most recent Presidential candidate deploys: ethnic supremacy, is what it’s called. It is the return of the triangulation method by the Democrats with Barack Obama “for the Black people,” Bill Richardson “for the Brown people,” and Hillary Clinton who will change her last name if it will more easily manipulate people into voting for her for President but it’s unsettling to see FOX so eager to wedge it’s way into the triangle by way of a center eye.

And, to no surprise of mine, Richardson sympathies lie with Mexico, illegal aliens and in opposition to a tougher go of it to gain illegal entry into the United States from Mexico and “denounces” the plans (and funding issues involved) for a U.S. Southern Border Security Fence. Just in time to punch into the eyes of U.S. citizens with his icky finger, at least all the rest of us not among his color.

Update from DRUDGE:

Now Richardson and his office say he’s not running, at least not yet ready to announce that he is (scroll down the article). What this might mean (or might not mean) is that he’s possibly going to run, or, he’s still thinking things over, or, maybe already decided but not planned to announce, just yet, not now, similar to Hillary Clinton’s/Hillary Rodham’s see-sawing. But Richards doesn’t state any rethink of his earlier brief statement — he’s still declaring his ethnic supremacy: he’s “Hispanic” and “believe(s) (that’s) an asset.”

Second Update:

Crazy-sick accessing this site via a University of Florida range of IPAs, disturbed “reader” “Billy Bob” — IPA, using fake email address of “” (“ does not like recipient / Remote host said: 550 / recipient Rejected: Account Reserved / Giving up on — complains about “spastic ramblings” on this site.

These comments may be via a hijacked IPA but I’ve contacted abuse and will leave it up to them. However, I’ve noticed several similarities in these latest junked comments with previous ones, and, some similiarities, too, with a number of referrer spam links to one source. I’ll write more about this later on a dedicated thread, however.

It’s not my intent to upset anyone of pre-existing precarious balance such that they’d be so contorted by my writing as to take to trollage but, rather, it is my intent to express myself for those who enjoy reading the opinions of others with sometimes some humor thrown in.

As to Bill Richardson’s use of “I’m a Hispanic” as “an advantage”, what he’s saying is he’s advantaged over others by way of his ethnicity, which is an essential ethnic-supremacy declaration, and in this case, Richardson’s Hispanic ethnic-supremacy declaration. By discussing this as an objectionable quality about Richardson and others who are of his kind, this is not me referring to “all” Hispanics as therein being ethnic-supremacists, but about those ethnic-supremacists among Hispanics — just as I would apply the same evaluation to and about anyone of any other ethnicity who was also engaging in ethnic-supremacy as Richardson is and does.

Troll user at IPA has not credibility enough to provide a working email address, the tool of cowardly Liberals nationwide (put this way, it’s their common behavior, as in common and usual and customary when it involves their “you’re no good and I’m smarter than you are” foolishness, revealing them to be neither good nor intelligent but try explaining that to Liberal trolls).

This site has had it’s share of aggressive and exceptionally nasty such comments and they all match the same formats, criteria, content and communicate their same wasted natures. A few have originated from persons associated with the Liberal media, more than a few from angry homosexuals, all have been from Liberals and even a few have been repeat nasties from a nut in Switzerland under various rubics.

As for “”…people are not as invisible as they assume they are. Unfortunately, reckless employees with various otherwise legitimate organizations — including service providers and educational networks — abuse the confidence that’s been placed in them.

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