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Dot-Red.gif GOP furious about timing of Rumsfeld resignation

That includes me. My first thought when Bush made this announcement approximately twenty-four hours after the November 06 elections was, why not make the announcement last Friday? Even Monday, November 05th? It isn’t as if there was no replacement already ready and waiting for the if-and-when Rumsfeld stepped down. The timing indicates a strategy, to state the obvious, and the strategy was assistive to the Democrats, not Republicans (and by that, not for the country).

Dot-Red.gif Bush’s Sellout of America

I take no pleasure in writing that I agree with this. In the last year and the most recently past several months especially, with each and every resurging good work in the polls achieved by Republicans, Bush consistently appeared for a speech and included yet again his dedication to his notoriously unpopular “guest worker program” and “comprehensive immigration reform,” again sending what confidence was had into disarray and even disgust.

By this point, it’s well accepted that “comprehensive immigration reform” is code-speak for amnesty by various plans and methods but the goal/objective remains that of bestowing amnesty upon illegal aliens — it’s just a case of what hoops will be required to jump through to achieve that, but that the code-speak states the goal of amnesty as the objective is clearly perceived by me, by nearly everyone I interact with who is willing and able to be realistic.

Also, Bush appeared and reappeared throughout the crucial last few months with yet another THERE HE GOES AGAIN presentation of this goal of his (not shared in the GOP by some responsible members in the GOP House and by most Republican voters but roundly enthused over by nearly all Democrats, including most ardently by Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Ted Kennedy, Dick Durbin, Dick Shumer and on throughout their Party). These persistent reassertions of this issue to such an extent by Bush of this goal of his served (and still does serve) to irritate and even disgust Conservatives and yet to bolster and encourage Democrats.

Note that Bush, his Administration and even other “open borders” advocates in the GOP got busy in the days after the election with meetings with Mexico and more meetings with Mexico. And then he leaves to tour the world with yet more talk about illegal immigration-called-migration-called-amnesty-called-guestworker-called-everything-but-the-truth. I’ve never seen alleged Republican Fred Barnes quite so upbeat and happy-faced as he was yesterday. Now that the “dreaded Republican majority” is out of the way, these open-borders cheap-labor amnesty-ites are thrilled (and that includes Bush AND Pelosi AND Reid and the entire Democrat majority now in Congress).

And that edge of bravado and resentment from Bush in his speech on Wednesday (as also from Tony Snow) that the “guest worker program” and related goals (“earned citizenship”) would be more likely and “easier” to pass Congress now that Bush has this Democrat majority available, aligned on the same goal.

So, yes, I agree again, Bush sold out the nation. He now has his Democrat majority to work with, despite Nancy Pelosi appearing to be plastered with hate — but constrained — during her Wednesday White House lunch and photo meet with President Bush (neither of the two looked nor sounded admirable). And now he has the Democrats to work with in selling the nation out even more.

I am disappointed. I expected so much more. I did not expect a Liberal in the White House when I voted for a Republican but a Liberal is what the result was with Bush and his ushering in of the new Democrat Majority in clear mimicry of the very same political game playing that his father engaged in. Worse, it is Liberal operational methodology. Thus, lesson learned, and methodology rejected.

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