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The Good News is that we’ll now have the Majority Democrats in the House and their Liberal bopping, whopping, surging majority among the Senate to blame for everything that now goes terribly, horribly wrong in the United States, worldwide, on distant planets and in their unknown void of the Hereafter and Nevermore, just as have the Liberals (all Democrats among them) been doing for the past six years as to Conservatives, the GOP and the Bush Administration.

I’m not looking forward to the crash-and-burn, however, and in my experience, ridiculing our nation isn’t what most Republicans chose to do with too much frequency, particularly when there are lives at stake among our U.S. military — contrary to the behavior overwrought and profoundly represented in the last six years by Democrats and especially by the group who is now the Liberal Hunta in D.C.

It is not that I will take any enjoyment in holding Democrats morally, politically, socially and ethically responsible, but that I will hold them responsible.

The Bad News is that the Democrats have only misery to offer and the portent of more screaming on television broadcasts and more ridiculing and blaming of and about Conservatives and family values on the internet. It will be a challenge to remind them that their own malfeasance and otherwise bad character are not the fault of “Republicans.”

More Bad News is that the dreaded, foul and rejectable “Guest Worker Program” plans sought so eagerly by President Bush, RINOs in the Senate (Republicans In Name Only, McCain and a number of others) and Kennedy and other Liberals (Nancy Pelosi is illegal-worker friendly and compliant, as is Harry Reid, among other Democrats), is more likely to be pulled over the heads and against the will of the average U.S. citizen. But it isn’t like anyone in D.C. is paying much attention in this regard, specifically, to what the average citizen wants.

Otherwise, some Good News from yesterday:


“Same-Sex Marriage” received a strong rejection in the following states:
Colorado – Idaho – South Carolina – South Dakota – Tennessee – Virginia – Wisconsin

(Failed in Arizona)

“Domestic Partnership” failed in Colorado (along with “Same-Sex Marriage”)

“English As Official Language” passed in Arizona

“Legalize Marijuana” also received a nation-wide strong rejection but, as can be expected in the City of Santa Monica, CA, it is now more likely that you’ll receive a citation for smoking tobacco than for carrying a personal-or-otherwise stash o’ grass (as long as there isn’t a bale in your trunk or backseat, it seems that it’s now just fine to carry and use in Santa Monica, CA – but it has been anyway for a long time now if you know the expressly Democrat neighborhood).




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