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I can barely believe the lying bastards, Mort Kondracke and Fred Barnes, on today’s BELTWAY BOYS on FOX News.

Barnes just touted himself while grasping his chest (“manly style”) that he “is a Conservative” (he’s not) and that Ronald Reagan “wasn’t opposed to illegal immigration” — that “the rejectionists” (as both Kondracke and Barnes call those who oppose illegal immigration and seek border security) “were defeated” and that “even the Weekly Standard supports” open borders.

All that spilled out after Kondracke opened their segment today with “I support…uhh…I support…uh, CITIZENship for workers…” (I paraphrase — watch the video tomorrow on FOX).

Ronald Reagan did not “support” providing citizenship to illegal aliens. His amnesty when Governor of California, for a huge illegal alien population in that state, was provided with his intention (so he said) and expectation that it was a one-time and one-time only accommodation created to “solve” the illegal alien problem, not to encourage it to flourish — which it has.

And, Reagan is said by many who knew him well to have regretted that amnesty he enacted in California, as have many Conservatives (Republicans among them) – Fred Barnes, Kondracke and the publications they write for populate the “Neoconservative” crowd who are essentially the product of Marxism (what’s yours is theirs if it can be reallocated in the context of commerce and social modifications are acceptable to ensure the reallocation when needed). That does not include (and did not) Ronald Reagan.

Dot-Red.gif In fact, in 1981, this is what Ronald Reagan authored (“Executive Order 12324 — Interdiction of Illegal Aliens – September 29th, 1981“) when he was by that date President of the United States:

Section 1. The Secretary of State shall undertake to enter into, on behalf of the United States, cooperative arrangements with appropriate foreign governments for the purpose of preventing illegal migration to the United States by sea.

Sec. 2. (a) The Secretary of the Department in which the Coast Guard is operating shall issue appropriate instructions to the Coast Guard in order to enforce the suspension of the entry of undocumented aliens and the interdiction of any defined vessel carrying such alien…”

Dot-Red.gif Note, significantly, that President Ronald Reagan even wrote into his Executive Order the use of the accurate term, “ILLEGAL ALIEN.”

He didn’t mince words and do a handy-dance and try to mislead people to any degree with the current misleadments such as “workers” and “migrants” and “immigrants” — no, Reagan said it straight and that’s why he remains credible today despite his glitch of amnesty in California. That amnesty has been roundly accredited with fueling the later viral explosion of illegal aliens in the U.S. today, as has the Bush Presidency (illegal immigration has festooned during the Bush Presidency).

Kondracke and Barnes have been among the most ardent proponents of rewards and enablements for illegal immigration (and the Bush/McCain/Kennedy/Rove “guest worker program/earned citizenship/amnesty” programs) and effort their proponence by whatever desperate distortions of reality they can imagine to promote these misguided but commercially centered goals of theirs (shared with most Democrats and with the Bush Administration and other Liberal Media such as the Wall Street Journal).

Dot-Red.gif Somebody please yank these two irresponsible Talking Heads off the air. If I want madness, I’ll read their columns.


  1. RichieD says:

    They’ve been getting under my skin for a while, too. Thanks for bashing them – I feel better!