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Not that most of us have not noticed already, but the liberal media has gone completely dark since John Kerry’s Word Waste. A Google “News” search provides this exceptionally limited range of results, and among them are two Liberal site sources (the New York Times offers up a transcript of Kerry’s nasty comments with little else) – the remaining six results are from moderate sites who remark as I do about Liberal media blackout. The search results prove the blackout, clearly.

What’s surprising in a very good way this morning, however, is that FOX News is finally starting to comment about Conservative concerns again and is presenting a few Republican Senate candidates along with lending a few minutes here and there to inquiries that many Conservatives share (the Kerry Word Waste Liberal Media Blackout mostly).

This after watching FOX become increasingly sympathetic and activist venue for Democrats nationwide in the last year — I’ve never seen and heard so many “Democratic Spokesperson(s)” as I have on FOX in the last six months and wouldn’t be seeing or hearing them were I not tuning back into FOX now and then (lately, far less with the exception of Hannity when he’s free from Colmes). And yet even given the obvious drift toward Liberal by FOX (“Liberal” as in Democratic Party issues and candidates), this one Google “News” search returns a site result from California (where else) alleging “FOX News Chickenhawks” are to blame and Kerry’s fallen into the ever-reliable victim status.

At least FOX is now again covering Republican candidates and some issues and, more remarkably, I note that the “Democratic Spokesperson(s)” have abandoned their on-air spiked hair, plunging necklines, leather and patent jackets and taken up with combed, underdone hair, modest clothing, less yelling…they’re still not fooling anyone and they still have nothing to offer except — surprise, surprise, surprise — the latest bomb was yesterday on FOX when yet another “Democratic Spokesperson” alleged that inorder for them to advocate “supporting the troops, there’d have to be more troops in Iraq and…the draft (would have to be) reinstated.”

I recall that the “reinstate the draft” issue was among the most deceptive ploys that the Democrats attempted in the last Presidential election — alleging it was “Bush” who “was going to reinstate the draft,” when it was and remains the Democrat position to advocate reinstating the draft. They just SAY that the “draft will be reinstated” because THAT’S THEIR PLAN.

So, today, what I’m concluding is that once again, the Democrats are sneaking this issue into their scheme of things: they intend to reinstate the draft, they’re anticipating winning a majority in Congress and they’re looking for a way to justify explaining reinstating the draft. And they’re using this avoidance speech (someone else will reinstate the draft but the draft ‘must be’ reinstated if Democrats are to support the War in Iraq — that position makes no sense to anyone but a Democrat) to try to connect some dots they’re not willing to be upfront about in campaigning.

To the Democrats, they’re using the issue of U.S. military defense as a stick: they’re “supporting the troops” if and only as the draft can be “reinstated” because they can’t support the troops if they can’t reinstate the draft. But it’ll be “Bush’s fault” regardless of what they do. Or don’t do, depending upon what they’ll admit they’re doing. Or not doing.

Oh. So that explains that. Whatever it was. Or was not. But it’s “Bush’s fault” whatever they do or don’t do. Or admit doing. Or don’t.



AMERICAN PIE HOLE — August 28, 2004

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All I have to do is reprint my graphics where Kerry is concerned because he has not outgrown any of them. This graphic originally published almost a year ago here in BIRD.Reference: JOHN KERRY: LOST, DONE, OVER & OUT — January 23, 2006

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