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For those of us concerned about illegal immigration and border security — national security issues of utmost importance — the Democrats are not going to offer much to any U.S. citizen other than more illegal aliens among our U.S. population (and more social programs and “financial incentives” to assist the growing population of illegals). If Pelosi’s Majority Leader in the House, we can kiss the Border Fence goodbye and our U.S. border and national security along with that.

The GOP House Majority has been the one and only group in Washington who appear to have even listened and responded to voter concerns about illegal immigration and border security. I can’t imagine the denigration of these concerns if Democrats have their way.

I hope the GOP has learned it’s lesson in this election season and that is it’s not successful when you abandon your base and pursue lobbyist interests instead of listening to voters. I voted for candidates this election (Absentee Ballot) who happen to be Republican; while, instead, looking over what Democrats have planned, there remains no way I can ever support the Democratic Party. But the GOP must stop assuming that’s adequate incentive for Conservatives as to who and how we vote because it isn’t; this election season and the jeopardized seats natioanally prove that.

It is not that the Democrats have anything acceptable for some voters (certainly not for me) as to what they offer in personnel or plans or methods (any/all), but that there are many Moderate and Conservative voters who are just plain old irritated with the GOP for — basically — not listening to their base, not legislating in-line with voter base opinions. So a segment of voters stop voting, don’t vote when mostly irritated with their own Party or they vote by writing-in their pet’s names.

What we have today to contend with is a sense of resentment among Conservatives and disgusting politics (and candidates) from the Democrats as to what they’re selling. The significant segment of voters who are mostly resentful of Republicans are not so disenfranchised as to jump over to the abhorrent plans that the Democrats offer, but it is enough incentive for some resentful voters to refuse support for the GOP and it’s the GOP’s fault that this exists today: the only people in Congress lately who appear to be even taking voter base opinion into consideration have been the GOP in the House.

I’m still willing to vote with the resentments and forego the disgusting politics that are the Democrats (along with their mostly disgusting candidates) but the GOP has a lot of work to do to start and continue to appreciate Conservatives among Republicans. That’s the challenge today and that’s what’s being said in today’s polls.

Republicans Cut Democratic Lead in Campaign’s Final Days

The situation in Iraq is by far the top issue for Democrats (60%). About half of independents (46%) cite Iraq as an important issue in their vote, but 41% mention the economy and 36% health care. Among Republicans, comparable percentages view terrorism (41%), the economy (41%), and the situation in Iraq (38%) as the top issue in their vote. Immigration is a much more important issue for Republicans (31%) ­ and independents (26%) ­ than it is for Democrats (15%).

(Emphasis added.)

And, this is what the reality is of the so-called, alleged “moderate” Democrats currently misrepresenting their plans at the polls:

Casey, Webb, Ford & Tester Agree To Schumer Filibuster Pact As Rumors Swarm About Justice Stevens

…just what would these “moderate democrat” Senator wannabes do if elected:

Schumer is reported to have assured Democrats that Bob Casey Jr. – despite running as a moderate Senate candidate – would be supportive of Democratic efforts to block constitutionalist judicial nominees. “There’s no worry on judges,” said Schumer. “And judges is the whole ball of wax.” Other supposedly centrist Democratic candidates including Harold Ford Jr. (Tenn.), Jon Tester (Mont.) and Jim Webb (Va.) have refused to rule out filibusters against judicial nominees.

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