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Let this stand: that I honor and am immensely grateful to and for our United States military, for those who serve. There are no words to express to what extent I hold them in esteem, nor that can be bestowed upon them to fully express the debt our nation — and much of the world today — owes the United States military.

Freedom isn’t free. We bought ours and continue to pay for it with the blood, sweat and tears of our citizens and those who choose in courage to serve and sacrifice so that our republic can exist and maintain and Charlie Rangel can argue out whose office he’ll take in the nation’s capitol, can’t imagine living in Mississippi and that he undermines service — he travelled to Cuba recently to powwow with Fidel Castro who also paid for Rangel’s trip — and does not appreciate those who serve voluntarily — at least, not in service to the U.S.A. but likely those who serve elsewhere who deem us enemy (Cuba, for example).

Our Republic is messy and it means that even as loathesome and cowardly as Rangel (among others) may be, he can hold public office and use it to such a disgusting degree. People have paid with their lives, unfortunately, so that he can. But the value here is that he can because of democracy.

Freedom isn’t free. It comes with a heavy price and those who pay the price so that others cannot are the heroes among us: our United States military, God Bless them.

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Others who abuse the democratic process, seek the destruction of our U.S. Constitution and Constitutional process by alleging Constitutional protections, and who engage in treason:

WHO’S GOING AFTER RUMMY? Michael Ratner, that’s who.

Who’s Going After Rummy? [Andy McCarthy]

Michael Ratner, that’s who. Al Qaeda’s chief counsel in the United States. Ratner runs the Center for Constitutional Rights. Read about them here. This is an American — yes, an American — ultra-Leftist organization begun by Bill Kunstler and Arthur Kinoy which is suing our government in wartime for fighting the enemy. (— Continued.)

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