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I know, I know, we conservatives are down to a-wire-sort-of-tension-line in these weeks before the latest and crucial round of nationwide votes, and, we’re told nearly everywhere from every possible angle and source that ‘resistance is futile,’ it’s all over, give it up, don’t try, let it go, don’t effort as everyone else speaks, just let it go and lose already because it’s pointless to try.

Times are, yes, challenging, difficult, complex. People are tired. At least, tired of wars, rumors of wars and more wars and the efforts necessary to stave off the naysaying that the Left/Democrats in the U.S. seem to know and know only and that is, give up, let it go, don’t effort as they speak, just lose already. Worse, they’re sure — every single election and the months that lead up to them — that U.S. conservatives and the U.S. thereby are responsible for every ill and bad meal digestive problem the world over. I can always tell when Democrats become more dangerous than usual and that’s when they start yelling and “over speaking” anyone else on broadcast news, especially when they do so with great big, shiny teeth dressed in patent leather.

I don’t know how to be more clear about this: the Democrat screechers-in-patent-with-wagging-fingers-and-big-teeth (any/all) on the airwaves only encourage Conservatives to vote “otherwise.”

The other thing that Democrats (and Liberal Republicans) never seem to get (I’ve already identified a few) is that Conservatives vote for consistent issues and even when we dislike — even oppose — some processes in and by government and individual candidates, we do not flip and switch from bad to worse just because we’re concerned or even “outraged” at policy by some or one or even a spate of Republicans (our Republican Senate comes to mind here). No, doing all of that is the Liberal Way, not the Conservative Way.

On the other hand, what is most challenging for Republicans (and the Conservatives among them) today is that the GOP has formed some sort of feeder pseudo-pod and encapsulated Liberalism with a big embrace to such an extent that Conservatives are angry with the Party in general, certainly with many in the Party for that reason, and wonder what to do about that. The last choice option, however, for Conservatives is to vote for any Democrat, due to the Democrat Party platform alone, much less those who embrace and represent it. We grouse or may grouse about utter dismay with a Republican but that’s not (nearly) sufficient motive to jump ship and try to swim with the sharks.

The sharks, metaphorically, means the Democrats.

I watched the DISCOVERY CHANNEL the past few days in all it’s variations of stations while trying to rest and recoup due to a spinal problem and one thing I learned while watching was that the United States sent BILLIONS OF DOLLARS to Pakistan from whence Pakistan became a nuclear power and upon which event, Pakistan has fascilitated nuclear technology worldwide throughout terrorist networks (that’s the short version of the long story). And that’s just one country, one story of “free dollars” sent all over the world, one issue, and there are so many, many more like it. The point being, the United States is a generous country and has been a generous country and it seems the generosity generates hate in return. The inexplicability of evil: it is always vengeful and lacks gratitude and it nearly always involves money.

I mention this to emphasize the enormous complexity of international relationships, of efforts by the United States to protect itself and remain generous in helping others to protect themselves and to just what extent all the best intentions can go dramatically wrong and why it’s significant to a point of finality to ensure that our national security remains in such prominence beyond, well, just reversing course when times are difficult, as they are now. After listening to weeks upon weeks of the most profound minds among Liberals, what I hear they intend if ever in majority rule in Congress (and the White House) is to “dialogue more” and “slowly reduce” defense “spending” and “commitments.” That sounds like “just reversing course when times are difficult” to me; it certainly does not sound like effective strategy; it surely does not represent a plan.

But what really makes me sit up and write is reading about Harry Reid and the Reid blustery — with the Liberal media along to eagerly assist the process — of use of public dollars which he is so.sorry.about and, and yet no headline declares correctly, “Reid Caught Again Using Public Funds for Private Recreational, Luxury Purposes.”

The Democrats will take seats this Fall because they’re better at complaining about human failures and better at commisserating with their own kind among media who then make human failures and compromises and even weakness and wrongdoing into something that Democrats are never invovled in, never held to task about when they are, and routinely reject with the proper costume jewelry. However, the Democrats use the media today like Tokyo Rose used the radio during World War II and that is to “advise” and lecture everyone else about how fatalistic it will be that others lose in the face of the Democrat Party, why others are bound for loss, why it’s best to just stop and get it over with, to just give up, failure is written in the stars.

I worry about their propoganda methods because that then ushers in individuals into greater power in our U.S. government — Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, et al. — who fulfill a certain need by some for to be misled: they’re rewarded by public office because they lie well, they maintain false premise well, they are good at explanations after the fact, but the fact remains.

One thing is for certain: a Democrat majority in the House will usher in amnesty for illegal aliens, diffuse if not disable border security and national security, create ever-expanding social programs at taxpayer expense for mostly the benefit of mostly Democrats, return our nation to one of increased dependence and less individual reliance (on many fronts) and the same-old-same-old that we knew while lulled into happyfunnumbtime with Clinton in the Oval Office.


“…With Democrats threatening to sweep Republicans out of power next month, the attacks will get even more intense.”

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