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Or, Bill Clinton eats his own.

Bill Clinton accused interviewer Chris Wallace of doing a “nice conservative little hit job” when Wallace recently grilled him about his administration’s pursuit of Osama bin Laden on “Fox News Sunday.”

Evidently Clinton didn’t do his homework regarding Wallace’s political leanings. The Washington Post did– and found that the newsman has been a registered Democrat for more than 20 years.

Wallace, who lives in Washington, told the Post: “The reason I’m a registered Democrat is that in Washington, D.C., there is really only one party. If you want a say in who’s going to be the next mayor or councilman, you have to vote in the Democratic primary.”

Wallace also said he’s voted for members of both parties, and insisted that he keeps his politics out of his work: “However I vote personally, I think I’m professional enough that it doesn’t have anything to do with the way I cover the news.”

The news lately has me searching back over graphic files on my site from the past two, three years and I’m proud to say as an artist, designer and person with opinions that everything I’ve done throughout the history of this site continues to work in the present and in relationship to the same individuals depicted at times past. On the other hand, as a person with opinions and an American citizen, this is disappointing.

I would write that this image is reprinted in commemoration of Bill Clinton’s hubris, but that would not be the truth. On one hand, Bill Clinton was a United States President and I am opposed to denigrating the Office and those who hold that office; on the second hand, Bill Clinton was impeached from the Presidency by our United States Congress, so I think he continues to be a viable editiorial resource.

And, I wonder truly what Clinton might have done had an interview with him been attempted by a Republican — which Chris Wallace isn’t.



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  1. BIRD says:


    In this interview on FOX by Chris Wallace, the point that is most concerning as to Bill Clinton’s state of mind is when he says that “you people are upset because Rupert Murdoch (Chairman of FOX News’ parent company, News Corp.) “is contributing to (h…

  2. Denny says:

    Well, I have respect for the office of the President of the United States too. But, that surely DOESN’T mean I have repect for all of those that have held that post. There is a big difference between repecting the office and repecting a scumbag who held it, in my judgment. Did Clinton hold his office with respect when he did the dress stained thang in the Oval office with Monica? Or, when he gave secrets to China for their missiles aimed at the US? In my book he is a lying, treasonist jackass who should be in prison.

  3. -S- says:

    And impeached he was and remains. I think that says it all as to Clinton’s association with the Presidency, and because of that, I agree with you and because of, also, your same reasons.

    “I would write that this image is reprinted in commemoration of Bill Clinton’s hubris, but that would not be the truth…”

  4. I too respect the OFFICE. But it is hard to respect a man who, when entrusted with the stewardship of the greatest nation, crawled around the floor of the oval office putting a cigar up the receptacle of the “first humidor” Monica, a girl young enough to be his daughter.

  5. -S- says:

    So true, so true. Perhaps respect for the office is reduced down to just that: respect for the office. The person in the office is another story, and particularly in Clinton’s case, he himself didn’t display a respect for the office, to state the obvious. Perhaps it was his alterego who the nation swore-in because, to state the obvious, Clinton’s association with the Presidency was not balanced — to be kind in my choice of words here — while his alterego.2 still carries on as if he was wholly respectful and respectable.

    Hillary’s behavior is even more unbridled and imbalanced. I’ve concluded that those are attractive qualities to Liberals and thus explains the Clinton’s defaming of public trust of the Presidency.