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“The studio plans to produce as many as 12 movies a year aimed at religious audiences” — the Los Angeles Times (cached copies, Page 1 and Page 2).

DEFAMER sparks on the issue: “Fox Decides It’s Time They Made Some Money From Christians

I’m really pleased to read that 20th Century Fox will soon release their “upcoming family-friendly horse drama (feature film) ‘Flicka‘” — MY FRIEND FLICKA was among my favorite, weekly-viewed television programs in my youth.

I had the misfortune of watching a snip of Gloria Steinem, appearing on “Real Time with Bill Maher” on HBO last week (I’ve never been a fan of him nor the show) for purposes of promoting her radio talk show (featuring Steinem and Jane Fonda and others) (I don’t plan on listening, particularly after hearing Steinem last week), and Steinham said that “nostalgia is obstructionism.”

She obviously never had a horse named Flicka nor watched MY FRIEND FLICKA, if she even ever was a child. I also am sure that Steinem has a quite destressed understanding of what is “past” as if by being so it is doomed to be bad, rejectable, in need of surmounting and by that, should be discarded — I believe that describes the blockage right there. And because of that, that she epitomizes illness of the psyche. It’s not productive to let people like that into yer’ head.

And, I was saddened to hear, that in all these years that Steinem has enjoyed a life in media, her present-day brittle babble fits only into the blob of Bill Maher’s sense of what is comedy as being obvious emotional depression speaking. It’s always disappointing to read of or hear from those who regard intellectual development as slouching slowly but progressively toward socialism and by that, revile those who think otherwise.

It will be good to have greater choice at the box office from FOX FAITH (“FILMS YOU CAN BELIEVE IN”) and I look forward to a brighter box-office. The industry, and our nation, sure needs it.

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