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Having viewed the miniseries (THE PATH TO 9/11) in both Parts 1 and 2, my only slight concern was the camera management (more than a few inexplicable extreme, hand-held and intentionally unsteady extreme close-ups), but overall, as to the screenplay and story and the entire work in two parts, I consider this a very worthy miniseries, well worth the viewing time involved.

As to characterisations, the depiction of Vice President Richard Cheney is a bit poor — I doubt that Cheney is as reticent and retiring in sharing opinions and/or in directing others around him as the miniseries makes him out to be (Part 1) — and after reading and hearing so much upset from Democrats about this miniseries prior to the broadcast, I anticipated finding the other key characters questionably presented, but did not.

Despite the criticism by Democrats about this miniseries — their efforts, they claim, were made to attempt to “protect” their assumed legacy of Bill Clinton’s and Madeline Albright’s and they expressed fears and made accusations that the characterisations of those two would be defaming and inaccurate (as if the miniseries was made for that purpose, based upon what I read of the criticisms, particularly the malignments by the Democrats in the U.S. Senate) — the miniseries works; and, what significant questions that are raised in this non-documentary are as to delayed and absent federal response to identified and looming terrorist threats, by all aspects from within the Executive Branch.

But about Bill Clinton, there’s a very brief vignette of Clinton’s notorious denials before the world as to his later-admitted behaviors, and since these are factual happenings, and were influences as to media and Presidential attention during the years leading up to the terrorist attacks of 9/11, to omit or exclude even the brief mention devoted to them from this minseries would be pointedly quesitonable.

What I got from viewing this miniseries is that it expresses the degree of bureaucratic concerns that bogged everyone down with the exception of the most alert among law enforcement working the issue of domestic terrorism who were routinely discouraged from taking effective action to counter the level of threat suspected for sound reason and identified to others for same. The miniseries also emphasizes how important aspects in the Patriot Act are to attempt to curtail that very same type of defeating boggle in identifying and communicating and most importantly, acting upon, terrorist activity.

But, about the implications made in this miniseries as to former President Bill Clinton and his Administration, it’s clear from present-day perspective that there’s a grave, negative judgement that can be correctly levied upon Clinton and his Administration as to non-action and, worse, discouragement to act. Sadly, much the same discouragement that the Democrats in our U.S. Senate attempted with ABC in their demands that this miniseries not even be shown.

To be so concerned with partisan political advantage and “reputation” that right actions are not taken and are discouraged from being taken by others is revealed as so destructive by this miniseries, particularly since the miniseries culminates in the tragic terrorist events of 9/11.

I am quite pleased that ABC persisted in it’s broadcast of this miniseries, as I am pleased with myself to have watched it in both Parts 1 and 2. It’s one bit of television film that I everyone should view and view several times. I know I will as soon as I land a copy of it.



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