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In a nutshell:

Pope Benedict quotes someone else who said that violence has no place in religion and in response to that, Muslims now want to kill Pope Benedict.

But before that, Muslims demand that Pope Benedict apologize.

Outside the nutshell:

That describes the scenario of evil, of a sickness called insanity. Insanity by disturbed individuals, by aberrant ideology, by a backward “civilization” — or lack thereof — by the absence of moral reasoning, by whatever you want to call the subtext, but the text is that of insanity.

For years, some of us have asked why the world’s collective population cannot so much as discuss the issue of and ideology behind the “jihad:” that Islam is and has been spread throughout human history by violence (“the sword”) and responds to anyone who is not yet or refuses to be submitted to Islam with more violence.

And here we are today, witnessing the reason why: if you ask, you are struck down, your infrastructure is burned, you and yours lose your very lives, or, you are told to live in a world where you must fear any or all of that occuring.

If Muslims (em>all of them) cannot listen to the Pope, who can they listen to from outside their own ideology? Men hiding in caves who rejoice and make merry when others are destroyed?

Some among the Left in the U.S. and elsewhere say that the world needs to speak softly to Islam inorder to “not offend” and to appease. In other words, they’re advocating cowing to the historically reliable fact that Muslim rage will occur or escalate inevitably if there’s so much as speech that they take offense to — anything not of Islam potentially will cause that — so just don’t speak, be silent, be nice..bow down.

Why be nice to depravity? Tonight, I don’t think it’s possible to be nice to people who cut off heads, explode themselves and their families and anyone else they can, tear down civilizations and infrastructure, burn effigies, churches, human beings because they’re “upset” or seek “vengeance” for perceived offenses. In fact, I think it’s never been reasonable to be nice to people such as that, nor never will be. Is it possible to be nice to depravity? And, does being nice involve self determination or loss of self determination? Why subservient to depravity?

Muslim-afficiondo Osama Bin Laden says that the difference between Islam and “the West” is that Islam worships death, while the West worships Life. I suppose Bin Laden synonymizes “the West” with Judeo-Christianity, so let me go with that.

No where in the Bible — Old or New Testament — does God tell us to unite with or tolerate evil. Christ calls us to come away from evil, to remain apart from it, to seek and receive separation between the righteous and the unrighteous. Human-making-nice, “unity,” is not the goal of the Old and New Testament but unity with God is the goal. What peace is possible in our world is achieved by unity with God and God’s righteousness, not by tolerance or unity with evil.


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