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About Hugo Chavez, from a Salon blog by an author who is Venezuelan…

While Chavez was talking about peace and the rights of people, he continues to neglect his own country where, since Chavez took over in 1998, 90,000 people have died on homicides as murders have tripled in these eight years Chavez has been President. To put it in perspective this is more deaths under the “caring Chavez” than in the armed conflict in Colombia (73,000), The Persian Gulf War (63500), the Chchen war (50,000) or the war in Afghanistan (33,000).

And those who die come from the lowest social strata, the “pueblo” that Chavez claims to care so much for. Meanwhile, 44 Venezulans die daily in homicides as Venzuela has 40 violent deaths per 100,000 inhabitants per year, an achievement that can be blamed completely on the Chavez Government which has tripled the numbers in eight years by ignoring the problem as well as its total incapacity to attack it. Venezuela now has the dubious honor of being the number one country in the world in deaths by firearms according to UNESCO.

Meanwhile, the country’s judicial system, the cornerstone of Chavez accomplishments in the first three years in office can claim the following:

— 90,000 monthly crime complaints are filed and processed.
— There are 98 cops per 100,000 people, less than one third of what is needed.
— Prosecutors handle 3,000 cases monthly each
— Judges decide on 1.6 complaints per hour
— 93% of homicides go unpunished.
— Deaths by confrontation with police have increased by a factor of 5.
— Kidnappings have doubled in eight years.
— Over half the judges are temporary.

Thus, our “caring”, “daring” President spends his time abroad insulting others and accusing them of the same crimes he is responsible for in Venezuela: (h)is total neglect for his people as he travels and has become an absentee President, who in the end cares only about his personal project and not the “peace”, “rights” or welfare of his Venezuelans citizens. Hopefully, he will spend sometime here in the next few months and leave his US$ 83 million Airbus parked, stop buying more weapons, planes and helicopters and worry about and work for his own people. But I doubt it.

The rest is simply a charade. But that is all we have seen for the last eight years.

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  1. BIRD says:


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