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Today is a day for to be alert — moreso than usual — and I am sure that I am not the only person this day (“IRAN’S DAY OF TERROR?“) to be thinking as much. Go ahead and search the grannies before plane boarding, as long as the obvious individuals are searched more. Even if there are complaints — it’s simple to apologize to the innocent for delays and uncomfortable attention but it’s another thing to omit a significant notice for those who pose harms to others.

Dot-Grey-Outline.gif And, watching FLIGHTPLAN again a few days ago and several specials from the HISTORY CHANNEL yesterday, about the events of 9/11, certainly provided impetus to go ahead and share my intuitions…but…first, what I did was start to wonder what I’d think about and how after living many days in a primitive, self-imposing wilderness and nothing but madness to influence or maintain any social structure…and I figured that things such as numbers and hysterical sensitivity to delusional perspectives would all add up to not-so-mysterious obsessions with numbers. Numbers as signs and symbols and used hieratically…just as I figure were the numbers of 9 and 11.

Dot-Grey-Outline.gif So, the following image is what transpired from a few moments yesterday spent thought-surfing at the keyboard. It makes as much sense as anything did on the day of 9/10/01, save but for the few who tried to keep the bits together the next day, those who tried to help and a few who had an oppressive feeling on that day before and earlier (I know I did) but failed to connect the bits in the etherea of our senses. As to those who tried to blast it all apart on 9/11, God has judged them.


Dot-Grey-Outline.gif But — I am trying to help here — Kansas is on my mind intently today. Call it intuition — I do — but most importantly, let’s all call on God today and say our prayers. And be extra thorough.


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