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From Michelle Malkin, HOISTING THE MEXICAN FLAG AT A US POST OFFICE. Although the mainstream media continues to roundly ignore this event, bloggers do not: WIZBANG, lonewacko, Michelle Malkin and politicalmaven join in the report.

These events occurred (as they have in the past) at a city named Maywood in Southern California and involved a lawfully organized demonstration by Save Our State (“SOS”), responded to by an aggressive mob who maligned them, as they continue to malign the United States of America by raising a flag of Mexico over a U.S. Post Office — and in the past raised the U.S. flag upside down if it was flown at all.

Malkin writes:

There’s video of the Mexican flag stunt in Maywood here (starts at around 3:05). And this video gives a flavor of the confrontation. Note the lovely language and hand gestures of the pro-illegal reconquista crowd, who taunt the pro-law enforcement demonstrators as “illegal blue eyed devils” and “motherf**kers.” But don’t worry, we’re told. This is just “fringe:”

Also, via Malkin, this first-hand report by Bridget Jones from politicalmavens (PROTEST CRASH: MAYWOOD, SANCTUARY CITY FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS) — Jones’ blog entry includes photos of the “event”:

Here’s the scene: SOS is peeved about Maywood’s flouting of federal immigration law, claiming they are a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants and even disbanding their police department’s traffic unit so that illegals without driver’s licenses won’t be fearful of getting their cars towed. Several dozen show up to protest this policy. Lefty groups spread the word and a few hundred show up to counterprotest. I hung out with the counterprotesters, who actually had an unfair advantage in the police barricade setup as they were right next to a mariscos joint.

Not to spoil my upcoming column on this protest, but let’s just say it was an afternoon chock full of racism, reconquista (like the “Stolen Continent” sign featuring two continents? props to the LAUSD, eh?) and riot cops. And after the local post office took down the American flag at closing time, pro-immigration demonstrators promptly ran the Mexican flag up the flagpole. Eventually, police officers surrounded the flagpole and tried to get the Mexican flag down, but the cords got twisted and they could only lower it to half-staff.


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