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I admit it, I have been a bit dumb-struck by the recently noticed DAILY GUT link at BREITBART, right up there on the top among DRUDGE and FOXNEWS and the wire services and similar starry-pulsar sources. But, then, the DAILY GUT just doesn’t have that starry-starry quality, to state the obvious — rather, it’s sort of like…(later edit here because I enjoy this blog and what I’d written previously about it now seems foolish, apologies)…in the best possible way, you know.

Then again, we all have our moments and the DAILY GUT appears today with this stunning opine:

Dot-GreyODD-LRG.gif About the REUTERS situation (REUTERS having today removed from their service all photos by Lebanese photographer Adnan Hajj after it was evidenced that two of Hajj’s photographs were retouched — reasoning goes: retouch one, pose a risk for possible retouching of all or any. For a news wire service, it was an appropriate move, one I agree with, along the lines of removing an author from any reference as a journalist once they’ve been proven to be engaged in plagiarism. However, in REUTERS case, they acted because they had to, and not because they discerned their own problem, and, there’s no indication they’re going to consider similar, other image falsifications/alterations posed as “photojournalism.”

Dot-GreyODD-LRG.gif As to the DAILY GUT, this gem — I’m not responsible for the grammer, just reprinting same here — about this REUTERS issue, among ~other things~:


This story is pretty big, – the media has been caught red-handed doing what it has long been accused of –doctoring stuff – and for typically leftie friendly ends.

Personally, I think it’s terrible what was done to this photographer. You know, he has a family. A family, I might add, that was underminded by Israel. I think we should all do our part by sending him money, and bombs.

Just kidding.

But seriously, why isn’t this being covered on the Huffington Post? You’d think they’d cover this type of media corruption. Hmmm…there must be a reason why.

Dot-GreyODD-LRG.gif The Huffington Post hasn’t been able to tie-in Mel Gibson to Mr. Hajj nor to retouched news photographs (I bet they’ve been looking, though), so they’ve been efforting (and failing at) a derision-‘humor’ of Mel Gibson. More about this later as it also appears, unfortunately, in broadcast information — I hesitate to use the term, “journalism” or even “news” because these imply objectivism and most media today is sorely absent of that. And that includes media/personality blogs.

Two friends of mine went on their first deep-ocean-channel fishing charter near the Hawaiian Islands just the other day and after only a few minutes of their line in the deep water, hooked a huge tuna. And I do mean, huge. Something about people who have the magic and those who don’t — same thing with these fishing stories, because, there are two kinds of fishermen: you come up with the giant tuna or you don’t.

And Mr. Hajj confuses “live, action, war!” with war: “live, action!” So does the Huffington Post. The DAILY GUT, on the other hand, IS the tuna. It makes me laugh, sorta’ like in the same kind of laughing when you have a 200 pound Yellowfin Tuna on the other end of a deep-sea line, hooked and pulling back. Ahh, good times, good times.


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