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Jackie Mason on FOX today comes forward with good sense about some of the worst reactions to Mel Gibson’s current situation (drunken tirade on a roadside). Jackie Mason is a smart, wise, balanced and good man. At least as to what I’ve heard from him today, as previously read what he’s written.

The Los Angeles Times appears to find it really, really difficult to write a level piece but they at least gave it a try: THEY DIDN’T SEE THIS IN GIBSON’S SCRIPT“The star’s friends and colleagues are aghast at his outburst against the Jews. ‘I believe it was the disease speaking, not the man,’ one producer says.”

While I could poke a log size hole in the article’s headline and subhead (reprinted above), the LAT at least published some comments from “Gibson friends” that are supportive of Mel Gibson: but don’t forget “his outburst against the Jews” urges the LAT. And, more, did we tell you about the outburst against the Jews? There was that outburst, you know…

From that article, however, I like what producers Dean Devlin and Tom Sherak express and how they express it. Gibson is blessed to have friends such as these. I think the industry should listen more closely to the likes of them and those like them of compassion and maturity of perspective and especially to Jackie Mason.

Meanwhile, my only complaint about Jackie Mason’s appearance today on Cavuto’s show (Fox), is, where’s he been all week. Unfortunately, Cavuto wouldn’t let him finish what he was there to say and cut the appearance short.

UPDATE (I’ve had to catch up on today’s reading, sorry)…

This from DEFAMER (GAVIN DE BECKER GIVES ARI EMANUEL THE GIFT OF RHETORICAL WHOOP-ASS), an excellent letter from Mr. Gavin de Becker, security agent without peer stomps down stands up to “super” “agent” Ari Emanuel — in the best and most deserved reckoning in the trades I’ve ever read.

I could not have written it better than has de Becker. It’s encouraging to see who has the insight (and worth) sufficiently enough to come forth as to Mel Gibson lately, versus those — like Ari Emanuel — who have gone public in an effort to recruit harms-be-done to Mel Gibson. Perhaps de Becker’s letter is just a warning — in the best possible way, of course.

Read a copy of the Gavin de Becker letter — page one and page two — and thanks again to DEFAMER for these reprints of the original which appeared as paid placement — from de Becker — in today’s THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER.

These are the days that make a bad week worthwhile. It’s good that it’s over.

My concluding statement:

I in no way excuse or condone what Gibson “said” but recognize that what he “said” was irrational, angry ranting. By trying to use his drunken rants and slurs about others (“Jews” and “sugartits”, if true — if he did, in fact, rant such slurs) as substance to call his entire and otherwise sober person to ruin, those doing such are even more extreme than Gibson’s slurs and likely as not, many of those using these slurs to ruin the man are doing so from their own sober perspectives (which suggests they are even more questionable by comparison — if a drunken, irrational person is ranting whatnot and you’re countering them from a sober, supposed “sane” perspective with more outrageous rants than the drunk’s, then that speaks badly about you).

I don’t agree with Gibson’s drunken rants or slurs, for the record, no more than I agree with drunken rants or slurs from anyone.

And, I believe that the hyper-critical, damning reaction by *certain Hollywood and Leftwing political players* in calling for Gibson’s ruin since his drunken roadside rant are motivated by something far worse and far more hateful than disdain for drunken, roadside rants or Gibson for having ranted such.


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    Tolerance is universal in it’s appeal and requirements. What does Rob Reiner think about the crucifixion of and human life lived by Jesus Christ? s not about Mel Gibson at this point nor about the film made by Gibson — THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST — but…