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Coming next month (September 10 and September 11, 2006, 8 P.M./7 CST), a well-anticipated miniseries from ABC, “THE PATH TO 9/11.”

The miniseries stars Harvey Keitel as former FBI-agent, John Patrick O’Neill (“the man who knew“). O’Neill lost his life on 9/11 after beginning a new job as head of security at the World Trade Center, starting in August 2001.

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  1. -S- says:

    Joe Wilson literally shook incrediblity like jello, in my view, and has from moment on.

    About his chestbeating and all the various issues associated with that, I was quite sure, and I do mean, quite sure, there was too much smoke there to be no fire.

    I appreciate you remembering all those discussions from Wizbang so many months ago because you and I did take much criticism from liberals there in their effort to “frog march Rove out of the White House” (along with Vice President Richard Cheney and others).

    About Joe Wilson, I have rarely been quite so sure about anyone being quite so insincere as I was about him. I tend to avoid “Party line only” positions as to issues discussions (and that includes withholding loyalty to “Party only” candidates when and as their issue positions are dubious in my view), AND, I completely disagree with Karl Rove’s positions on especially his rotten “guest worker” plans and strategies, but about this issue, Joe Wilson seems to have been functioning from such unreality that he oozes corruption in purpose. Sorry, but that’s my impression of him and sorry, too, of and about his wife.

    One thing I am certain and that is, these are two people who really needed to be exposed in the actual light of day, versus their intended stage light.

  2. BIRD says:


    Having viewed the first part of this miniseries last night — THE PATH TO 9/11 — and anticipating viewing the second part this evening — ABC, 8 / 7 CST — I do now even moreso than I felt earlier conclude that the Democrats in our Senate who have be…

  3. BIRD says:

    “THE PATH TO 9/11” – THANKS, ABC

    Having viewed the miniseries (THE PATH TO 9/11) in both Parts 1 and 2, my only slight concern was the camera management (more than a few inexplicable extreme, hand-held and intentionally unsteady extreme close-ups), but overall, as to the screenplay an…