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Should we U.S. citizens and legal residents all now go sit in churches if and when we have citations for intentionally (or unintentionally) violating laws and our United States Constitution? It’s a helpful and important process for one’s religious development — to seek out religious consult and resources inorder to change one’s character — but it’s a cowardly process if and as a church is used to challenge, to embattle law enforcement and especially used to avoid personal responsibility for one’s wrong actions in this capacity and even worse, for purposes of encouraging others to do so under pretext of a religious doctrine.

Square-HatchedGrey.gifImmigrant Takes Refuge in Chicago Church

Arellano illegally crossed into the United States in 1997 and was deported shortly afterward. She returned within days, living for three years in Oregon before moving to Chicago in 2000. Arrested two years later at O’Hare Airport, where she was working as a cleaning woman, she was convicted of working under a false Social Security number and ordered to appear at the immigration office in Chicago.

Square-HatchedGrey.gif I find this woman’s behavior quite despicable. The only person responsible for her “family” dilemma is Ms. Arellano, although she’s making a huge attempt to blame the citizens of the United States for her troubles. She alleges her behavior is due to her interests in her “son” and yet she’s established by her own behavior that she lies, she steals, that she’s rejected and violated previous attempts by our nation to self-correct. In other words, this person persists in defying lawful requests to behave lawfully and now she’s attempting to use a church to further enable her wrongful, troubled behavior. And, she represents a version of parenting that is substandard, to state the obvious; the other obvious issues are, where and who the father of this child of Ms. Arellano’s is, what his nationality and residency status are and why or to what extent he is supporting and responsibly involved in raising his son, or, not.

Square-HatchedGrey.gif A church in Chicago (“Aldalberto United Methodist Church”) may be willing to lend facility to Ms. Arellano for her (and theirs, it seems) purposes but I question why it would be involved in this political and law enforcement issue to the extent they’re described as being in this article: advocacy for and encouragement in violatons of the law, harboring criminals and now promoting criminal behavior as a good if not thing of leadership — either the church involved is religious in nature, tax exempt and or it’s a political advocacy group and facility. Believe what you will but don’t expect the United States taxpayers to pay you to indulge violating the laws that the citizens elect and support. Better yet, let this church by their private, tax-exempt means usher Ms. Arellano back to the nation she’s a citizen of (Mexico) and help her there to “work” and whatever else she needs. That is, if the motive is to help people from other nations, why the citiznes of the United States must be the staging ground for that, and the financier and almost always against the will of the people. Private donations are one thing and should be honored (and are honorable) but a tax-exemption for religious purposes is not an invite to use public financial helps against consent — when you oppose our nation’s laws, you oppose our nation and by that, the citizens of this nation and use of public funds is an imposition upon the public, to put it mildly.

Ms. Arellano and those like her — illegal aliens in the United States and their apologists and enablers — attempt to pose themsevles and their behaviors as commendable and even heroic when their terms are the polar opposite of those: they are defying the very context of our nation, a democracy defined by the rule of law by our governing document, the United States Constitution.

To allege, then, that illegal aliens represent some righteous or heroic movement comprised of heroic individuals whose entire premise is that they chose to violate laws, persist in violating laws and then defy enforcement and penalty in response to their violations and wrong behavior, to allege or attempt to assing heroics to these is among the most foul transgressions upon what our nation essentially and specifically is.

This is the anarchy that our Constitution was written — and is respected by some — to prevent. Ms. Arenallo and those who share her behavior and contrary, troubled disrespect for our nation to this degree are attempting to, literally, overthrow our Constitution, to overthrow and render disdainful the very governing terms by which our United States exists.

Square-HatchedGrey.gif Look at Mexico — from whence most of this type of anarchy and political/social assault upon our nation originates (Mexico’s the jumping-place) — and in that context the mindset by Ms. Arellano seems nearly routine. Which certainly helps to exemplify that, just as with Ms. Arellano, the many millions of illegal aliens in the United States from Mexico (approximately “eighty percent of illegal aliens in the U.S. originate from Mexico”) are disrespectful as to what our nation is and why it exists, if not opponents of such. The language issues are but the tip of the iceberg in this chasm that is an anarchistic think but the persistence in refusing to honor and abide by laws and social requirements in the United States by those mostly from Mexico (but also from elsewhere, including China, Brazil, the Caribbean and most from Central America) represents a defiance of our very founding and organizational principle as a nation.

They’re bringing to the U.S. by sheer force of defiance of our Constitution a pretense that contends that the Constitutional terms are only as useful as they can be used to defame the Constitution and the nation’s people, but that’s where their regard for our nation begins and ends because their insistence on self-need in defiance of any and all else is repugnant. But first it’s criminal.

Square-HatchedGrey.gif Ms. Arellano represents the very person who does require deportation or if not that, incarceration in our nation for a long time and then deportation with a permanent incarcertation promised her if she ever returns afterward. And I anticipate that she would because she’s clearly not a person who is capable of right action in regard a nation in which she no more belongs than she appreciates the place.

It’s cruel and offensive to citizens of this United States of Ameica to even suggest that Ms. Arellano “…is a leader in the movement who has made the issue of family unity the key issue in the question of the undocumented” (so “her pastor said”). She’s not undocumented because she’s got forged documents and uses stolen Social Security numbers — she’s an illegal alien in the United States and why this “pastor” is not attempting to encourage this troubled woman to exercise self responsibility is the puzzle here, ethically.

And, to suggest that “…if the government comes in, it’s going to look very jack-booted fascistic. It would look very bad” (as per “Joel Fetzer, associate professor of political science at Pepperdine University in California”) is obscene, even academically nonsensical, but certainly insurrectional.

It’s also indulgent and accepting of the very offenses Ms. Arellano commits (and persists in committing, with awareness that what she is doing is unlawful, unethical and corrupt and continues to be so), and those are, that the Constitution and Constitutional principle that we are a democracy as defined by the rule of law — our democracy exists and has continued based upon this pivotal concept — is rejectable, “fascist” in enforcement, and, by that, suggests if not clearly communicates that this founding concept is corrupt, rejectable, is to be defiled by personal whim by anyone in the world who opts to aggress upon the nation, upon our Constitutional self-governing structure, in principle and writ and practice. That is, moreso, that Ms. Arellano and those who attempt to defend and encourage her behavior, her position so to speak, is to encourage insurrection and defiance of the Constitution and founding organizational principle of what our democracy is and why, and particularly, how and how it is maintained and continues.

Square-HatchedGrey.gif If Ms. Arellano is “a leader,” then wrong is right, down is up, and the United States no longer exists but is now a plot of georgraphy which is wandered into and upon by arrogant opportunists without regard for the existence and worth of others.

Ms. Arellano has earned her “right” to be held accountable for her wrongdoing. Even if she IS from Mexico. I realize that it’s useful to interests in our nation today to try to represent illegal aliens as heroic but it serves to impress me to what extent that lawlessness in our world today is intent on seizing, using and usurping what remains of our democracy.


Elvira Arellano, criminal illegal alien.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement said there is nothing preventing the U.S. government from arresting her at the church.

“Ms. Arellano willfully violated U.S. immigration laws and is now facing the consequences of her actions by failing to report to immigration authorities,” said agency spokeswoman Gail Montenegro. “We will arrest and deport her as required by law at an appropriate time and place.”

Legal experts agreed that the traditional doctrine that people are protected from arrest in a church is not recognized under U.S. law.

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