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“The war on terror, or the war of terror, has tentacles that reach much of the globe. It is a world war.”

So writes THE NEW YORK DAILY NEWS (“It’s WWIII, and U.S. is out of ideas“). I agree with their perspective. And also with this, ongoing from that same source:

While it is often a war of loose or no affiliation, and sometimes just amateur copycats, the similar goals of destruction add up to a threat against modern society. Even the hapless wanna-bes busted in Miami ordered guns and military equipment from a man they thought was from Al Qaeda. Islamic fascists are the driving force, but anti-American hatred is a global membership card for any and all who have a grievance and a gun.

The feeling that the wheels are coming off the world has only one recent comparison, the time when America’s head-butt with communism sprouted hot spots from Cuba to Vietnam. Yet ultimately the policy of mutual assured destruction worked because American and Soviet leaders didn’t want their countries hit by nuclear bombs.

Such rational thinking is quaint next to the ravings of North Korean nut Kim Jong Il and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. They both seem to be dying to die — and set the world on fire.

And don’t forget Osama Bin Laden’s declaration that it is the duty of every Muslim to acquire a “Muslim bomb.” Is there any doubt he would use it if he had it?

…I sound pessimistic because I am. Even worse than the problems is the fact that our political system is failing us. Democratic Party leaders want to pretend we can declare peace and everything will be fine, while President Bush is out of ideas. Witness Bush now counseling patience and diplomacy on North Korea. This from a man who scorned both for five years.

“Counselling patience and diplomacy” — while I cannot complain and won’t, about that — impresses me as making purchase of time, like trying especially intensely to move ever so carefully, slowly, while in a room with a raving lunatic who is poised to strike at the smallest floor-board squeak. Except, in our world today, what we have are several raving lunatics with impending nuclear capabilities all crammed into that small, hypothetical room. And our United States is the rocking chair in the room.

But who can blame a rocking chair from rocking? Who finds the motion a problem? Ask the madmen in the room. Madmen rarely respond reliably — although sometimes they do with sense, confusing and misleading others — but what makes a man a madman is that their responses, as with their provocations, are reliably not disconnected from madness and particularly expressive of their own.

Today our collective room, our world, is crowded by bad presence from North Korea, from Venezuela, from Cuba, from Iran, from Iraq ongoing and other still-related mad cohorts in the Middle-East, from Afghanistan and from South and Central America, from, it seems, nearly everywhere. A world at war.

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