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The pool in Palm Springs in this verra, verra hot place: a face in the water — see this version for helps; fantasy is a by-product of the hot sun and cool water, in various combinations.

Square-Blue-Pale-SML.gif The weather people say Palm Springs, CA — “today” — is to be “108 degrees” but I assure you, just yesterday and already today at this hour, it’s well over that. More like 120 degrees, maybe more.

Something about the desert and a private pool, something about the place makes the rest of the world seem absurd, now more than ever. Examples of the reading after which I dive into the deep water, and why I try to stay underwater as much as I can for a long while afterward:

— July 28, 2006 — TONY Snow is still a rock ‘n’ roll animal. The White House press secretary, a classic-rock freak, got a visit there on Wednesday from his old pal Ian Anderson, the zany, flute-playing frontman of Jethro Tull. “I’ve played with Ian on stage before,” Snow told us. “I actually taught myself to play the flute by listening to Jethro Tull albums”… PAGE SIX

All I can think of is “Oscar” in ARMAGEDDON…and this is whom represents our White House before the world’s media? Why not just get Jethro Tull? Or, better, hire Owen Wilson to recreat the role of Oscar Choi — at least we’d have the assurity it was a paid performance, not that we don’t already, and we’d have better entertainment for our dollar.

Woe as to the Cult of Personality.

Rupert Murdoch declaring his support of John McCain astounds me. Murdoch, an intelligent man, supporting such an unsound character as McCain — his ethics are unsound and that reveals either wrong intent or unsound reasoning, or worse, both. In McCain’s case, I think it’s both. How many people are aware that McCain — throughout all his years in public office — has never, not once, visited wounded, injured veterans in the state of Arizona? McCain, supposed wounded war hero, and Arizona, the state that has elected him (yet no one I know can identify anyone IN Arizona who has voted for McCain, among Republicans), and nary a visit to any veteran’s hospital or ward by McCain throughout his terms in office.

Just when you think it’s safe to go back in the water…it isn’t.

Human Events Online, a website I subscribe to as to columns and newsletters (and which I read regularly, or try to) presents a lineup of bloggers which the site titles “Conservative Blogs;” and reading through that list I can readily identify numerous socially liberal authors and their sites (some exceedingly so, to the point of negating conservative opinions) and as with the other media sources and/or personalities I mention here, I wonder if it’s me who is underwater or if, in fact, the media blitz by undefined interests that is all wet.

What there ARE among that group of blogs wrongly identified as “Conservative Blogs” by HEO are “open borders” proponents, people who are on-board with the White House (and McCain and Ted Kennedy’s and Michael Bloomberg’s) concepts of economic desperation and expoitatiion. For those who aren’t on board with that in that group, there are a few actual Conservatives included among the rest who are social liberals engaged in self-promotion and a lot of that is made possible by for them, by influences higher up the media chain than us mere single authors blogging.

Square-Blue-Pale-SML.gif There is as much a Cult of Personality now present among the alleged “Right” political spectrum as there ever was (and remains) among the Left. But, worse, the alleged Right is misrepresented (and promoted, intensely of late, it appears) by liberals, liberals all. I’d never describe Roger Ailes, Rupert Murdoch nor most on that list of “Conservative Blogs” as conservative — they can use the term all they want but it’s like describing the Guerilla News Network as being “academic” or even “moderate.”

And John McCain is no more “Right” than he understands what representational government is. No, it’s a cult presentation, the Cult of Personality that lacks relevant substance in political terms and, worse, even promotes counter-purpose (McCain says: “the country will fall apart without [name your must-need here — in McCain’s case, it is ongoing access to illegal immigrants that he thinks is imperative inorder to avoid “the country falling apart” — I can barely believe his radical distortions]). And, in comparison with other individuals that the country might promote as President, to focus on McCain is certainly a darker stare, darker in the psychological-spectrum sense.

How can Murdoch be so fooled? Or, is Murdoch part and parcel of that which is fooling? (“I think he would make a fine president,” Murdoch incredulously stated in support of McCain, who I would not trust to be president of China). These are reasonable questions, given media presence personalities, and need to be asked. More importantly, they need to be answered.

Square-Blue-Pale-SML.gif I take refuge in JACKIE GLEASON’S “THE BEST OF” caressing the intensely hot desert air, comforted to hear that someone still understands clarity and truth of tone, was sincere in their message, truthful to it. Or did, or was, in Gleason’s case: certainly the finest big band orchestration ever was done, and, the most evocative. If only Gleason had blogged. But then, I’m getting ahead of myself.

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