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Square-HatchedOutline.gif Like many Americans, I read the daily news with rapt attention and curiosity, eager to learn more about the Middle Eastern “situation” and about Hezbollah and Israel and Iran, particuarly. I don’t perceive nor define any of this — from my safer United States location — on racial or ethnic terms, but politically and, in the subtext, religiously, given my Christian faith and beliefs.

But I intuitively reject any group of people who mutilate others, blow themselves up and otherwise encourage anyone to do so for any reason, and I also intuitively understand Israel’s nationality and their need to protect and defend their territory, their citizens, their futures. I continue to read the news, I continue to formulate opinions based upon what I read but I also fundamentally reject and feel intolerant about terrorism by anyone, and in that I include Hezbollah and many among Muslims, who declare their intent to eradicate Israel and the Jewish people.

I continue to read the news, a bystander to a great degree, responding in human terms about excesses and outrages but simply continuing to read…and among what I’m reading is about this outrageous nuttiness from right here in the United States:

Square-HatchedOutline.gif From THE AMERICAN THINKER

Paranoia on the left

Sheldon Drobny is a wealthy Jewish financier of the Democrats, and founder of Air America, the liberal-left “answer” to conservative talk radio. See this Chicago Jewish News interview for a sense of the man.

Remarkably, Drobny actually believes the virulent anti-Semitism and anti-Israel sentiment on the left is in reality a conspiracy orchestrated by the right. As Drobny’s last sentence states: “I see Karl Rove’s fingerprints all over this”. Below are excerpts from his blog:

“I came to the conclusion that the hostile comments about Israel on these liberal blogs are not coming from true liberals. Most of the anti-Semitism comes from racism and most of the racism I have experienced has come from the far right, not the left.

“So my conclusion is that the bloggers who violently hate Israel and see it in black and white terms are not really liberals. They may even be anti-Semites, but they are not representative of the liberal community that was so active in achieving racial and ethnic equality. It is a contradiction for a true liberal to be an anti-Semite.

“Furthermore, I would not put it past the right wing to flood the liberal blogs with hateful criticisms of Israel to advance a perception that liberals are anti-Israel or anti-Semitic. And I see Karl Rove’s fingerprints all over this.”

Michael Menis 7 23 06

Square-HatchedOutline.gif It can be off-putting to be required to “love” the Jewish people or be deemed, instead, an “anti-Semite” if one does not declare love and affection for them, but few reasonable people would ever make such a declaration sincerely, non-frivolously, about any type of people — there are Israelites, there are Jews, there are Jewish atheists, there are Jewish Bolsheviks, there are good people, there are bad people, there are Jewish Reformists even among all those affiliations, just as there are many other human beliefs and behaviors and character among other religious and ethnic groups. To love or hate “all” of “them” on some basic principle is not only irrational but it’s not well thought out.

But that article there reveals inherent imbalance, palpable lack of sanity. To follow along with that irrational viewpoint by Sheldon Drobny, however, Conservatives and Republicans (“the Right”) represent “anti-Semites” and as such have managed some sort of guerilla informational network that has made it appear that it is “the Left” who is anti-Semite — which would mean that Palestine was the equivalent of “the Right” in position and perspective compared to Israel (as “the Left”).

While, to the contrary, in reality it is most among Christians worldwide who are friend to Israel however slightly or even intently. And it is Christians, in reality, who are majority included among “the Right” politically just because most of us are conservative in our approach toward government and as to social issues and “the Left” represents non-conservative opinion about both.

Point is that Islam instructs against and/or postulates in contradiction to our shared, Judeo-Christian ideology and there are just some very absolute, definite beliefs and behaviors included in that and along those lines, those very absolute, large lines, the separations occur. Among the subtypecasting afterward occurs the individual variation.

Square-HatchedOutline.gif And, that article also describes a setup, aimed at substantiating that negative that Drobny alleges: if he’s Jewish (or anyone is) and he/they write from a paranoid and irrational perspective about “anti-Semitism,” then for anyone to reject what is written/said through whatever skewered perspectives would be, well, to be opposed to the author…who is…Jewish…which is to be…opposed to…Jews? So goes the beginning of nonsense but in these current terms of war, war and more war, that nonsense is quickly blown way out of proportion and people’s lives can be and are ruined over that degree of irrationality. Because few check the specifics and respond only to the irrational flaming of and about others. Not to mention do not question the source of the ignition.

So much for what’s wrong with Air America, not to mention many among the Left. Among the Right, by comparison, we have our differences (“No, this is not ‘our war’” by Patrick J. Buchanan) but they seem slight by comparison with the outrageous distortions I read from many liberals and Democrats, Sheldon Droby specifically as good example of that outrageousness. I’ve met quite debased people who were Jewish, I’ve been hurt by people who are Jewish but I’ve also loved people who are Jewish and been helped by people who are Jewish and so goes our human environment where it’s the individual, primarily, who sets a precedent among other individuals. I cannot see rejecting “all” types of people because “some” types of people were offensive or problematic, is my point, no more than I would embrace or not embrace for the same reasons. EXCEPT in times of mass responses, as now, in many areas of our planet, the Middle East particularly and the opposing philosophies being authored by opposing peoples in that area, affecting our global population outwardly.

But it’s tough when people are rejected or embraced in passing by how or what one feels or reasons about “Jews” because it’s an impossible thing to state clearly or objectively for most of us. I can say that if I had to chose between Israel or Hezbollah and/or Iran, I’d opt to choose Israel but then I’d start asking questions about my choice. Most Christians feel that way, given our shared religious beliefs in the Judeo-Christian community.

Square-HatchedOutline.gif I’ve read racist and ethnically prejudiced comments and articles among the news lately (and previously) but about nearly all types and groups of humans, not just as to Jews and Muslims, or for that matter, between Jews and Christians or Christians and atheists, or even Christians and Muslims. I can’t say I dislike human beings except upon their beliefs and behaviors after a point, so my sentiments about anyone are always available but only after I know something about those people, specifically: people who promote suicides and other mutilations or group beliefs that promote those things, the wanton destruction of others, those human beings tend to get a negative review by me, which should not be a surprise to anyone, nor indicate excess in reaction.

Square-HatchedOutline.gif The last Presidential election was embittered between U.S. “types” or associations — the “Conservative vs. Liberal” debate, refined down to “Republican vs. Democrat” respectively — but I do not believe that occured as a one-time thing but, rather, indicates our degrading society. We are losing barriers and customs and advancing toward a more brutal level of interaction with one another, as an American society, but also, obviously, as a world-wide human population. Thus, the wars in the Middle East from my United States location and American perspective frighten me to a great degree because I see the end result there (and elsewhere, as in the Phillipines and Central America) as a progressively destructed, and destructive, world behavior.

That is, I realize the potential for the exploding, rock-throwing, car burning swarms of hostility in the Middle East to appear anywhere else, anywhere else on the globe where that type of Infinite Doom might occur and I resent and resist attempts by some to get that degree of exploding doom started. I resent so much as reading that our nation, our country, is somehow an offshoot or suburban community to an urban Middle Eastern war.

Square-HatchedOutline.gif However, with an urban flight, of sorts, of the sentiments and embittered, irreconcilable differences from those engaged to the bitter end in the Middle East also propping up in the United States between the two, general types — Jews and Muslims — or should I write SOME Jews and SOME Muslims, given that there are people among both groups who reject and value the opposite of what is of issue between Israel and Palestine — here I am as an American of neither Jewish nor Muslim affiliation who feels a great deal of caution about them both. And it’s because of the extremes among the Middle East that I do, not because of any personal animosity or dislike inherently for either “type” but because there are just so many negative assumptions being cast around by everyone as to who is alright and who needs to explode, or be made to.

To take “sides” — I wonder — as with other wars, not all individuals have the option of deciding for themselves what their loyalties are — or they cannot decide given the many shared conditions among all people — but are forced or assumed to associate with one polar opposite over another. And it can be savagery at work that forces others to so declare under penalty or threat, so care is required to affiliate in severe times such as this. Accusations can be threats, and certainly can be threatening, particularly when the accusations are not rational. And so there is a lot of nuttiness beng imposed upon others, a lot of unhealing of memories like deconstructing wounds, refusals to be healed, rejection of reason.

Perhaps that’s what the word, “enemies” means in practice and why the poison from enemies affects everyone around them.

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