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From “View from Above: Asteroid 2004 XP14 as seen on June 17 as its path approaches the orbit of Earth. The asteroid will be closest to Earth at 12:25 a.m. EDT July 3.”
Credit: NASA/JPL

I have often thought that if there is anything, anything at all, that encourages the acceptance of a far greater purpose or plan involved than our human capacity is capable of perceiving, in maintaining the existence of Life, it is that our planet, Earth, has remained positioned in a very, very vast space for billions of years and Life upon the planet along with it, despite many extinction level events and so many other objects all careening without barricades or rules inside that same vast space, as vast as it is.

And, tonight’s near-extinction level event, if not Earth destruction level event — asteroids, comets and even other planets make formidable Earth crushing foes if they’re large and forceful enough and in some cases, have nearly been, given that our own Moon is a part of our own planet that was at one point in time past blasted off into space by some object that smased into Earth and it could just as easily happen again, despite our ever expanding array of human skills.

But, at least for tonight, we can rest easier and Asteroid 2004 XP14 has passed us by by not so much as the distance to our Moon. A close call, needless to say, to doom.

I wondered a few weeks ago, when I first read about this Asteroid’s appearance on scope, if those tracking it’s trajectory were being straightforward in their reports, or, perhaps, advising it would “miss” while not entirely or not at all sure it would. As it is, the distance that this Asteroid glanced us by is so minor as to be truly a miracle that there was no impact between it and our Earth.

I would like to know if such a doomsday event was approaching despite the assumptions that there’d be massive hysteria worldwide if it were ever announced that such an event so profound and final was approaching. Despite Biblical statements that this will come to pass one day, many people still pass this notion off as fantasy, but even to those who reject Biblical statements, science is informative: it is likely to happen again — such a monstrous impact from space upon the Earth — because it has happened in the past. I believe God (and the Bible’s statements about and from Him) and yet like nearly most of humanity, I believe that Doom is something afar off, not near, not like it’s arriving tomorrow, despite that at one point, there will be a day whose tomorrow will be it. I am relieved that that day is not today, nor tomorrow, however, and thank God for our collective reprieve, yet again.

Me, I’d like to see Antarctica, Tasmania, Madagascar and a number of other places before they and I are gone — my first thoughts if ever there was told us that Armageddon’s Asteroid was on it’s way — although who to share the recorded history with afterward, and how, as to their splendors and perhaps mine, remains a mystery.


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