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Dot-Red.gif Spam email announcement landed a few moments ago this day in an inbox o’ mine:

From THE HUFFINGTON POST, their Spam message “Announcing the HuffPost ‘Daily Briefing”.

I looked over the small print in the message footer (after first looking over the headers and the sender is, in fact, THE HUFFINGTON POST [“”]), and in that fine print, I read in the Spam message that my email address is (falsely) referred to by THE HUFFINGTON POST as being “Member since May 24, 2006.”

I have no more visited THE HUFFINGTON POST in May 2006 (on any day of the month) nor visited it otherwise since it’s premiere over a year ago (I read it, I didn’t continue to read it and I have no plans to do so at this time); much more so, that site isn’t even included in my news reader subscriptions (have no otherwise subscription to the site nor any that involves this email address of mine that the site flasely alleges is involved in “Membership” with the site).

Spam. THE HUFFINGTON POST spams. Signed by “Arianna.” It’s a lower than low note for that site.

Dot-Red.gif It also suggests to me that liberals are erroneously assuming that because some conservatives are critical of the GOP today, that that then means we’re more affiliated with Democrats and liberalism. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

The good outcome — hopefully — with making our disagreements known as to some Republicans in office and/or running for office and in conjunction with current issues as respectively applies is that we can get this out of the way this year and part of the next and then organize around another Presidential ticket for 2008. Unlike the Democrats, we can criticize and differ in opinion without threatening to “leave the country” or ruin the opposition with Spam and other unethical presumptions.

But, my days of party-determined voter decisions are over and the RNC needs to stop assuming — as the DNC also assumes — that they’ll secure votes by party loyalty alone. I sent my Absentee Ballot in for CA’s June 06, 2006 Primary Election and although I did voter for Republicans, I withheld votes for any and all who have not worked for the issues I anticipated they would, nor been unavailable to voters otherwise. That includes Arnold Schwarzenegger. I opted for someone else this vote because like Huffington (“Ariana”), Schwarzenegger (“Arnold”) is counting on too much liberalism (“Spam”) to stay the course.

If only there was a Spamcop equivalent for politics, something like a Votecop or a Candidatecop: register and report spam, scams, obfuscated issues and the persons who obfuscate them.

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