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Dot-Red.gif From JOBLO‘s website comes this initial review of Oliver Stone‘s upcoming film, WORLD TRADE CENTER, following the film’s recent screening at Cannes.

Like JoBlo, my feelings are similarly hesitant about this film but especially about this issue for a film by Oliver Stone; hesitant and combined with dread and expectation. And, from what I read from JoBlo, there is possibility to hope that, perhaps, Stone has begun a reversal of his downard cinematic spiral with this film. Obvously, we’ll see. But I’m not going to be surprised if Stone uses the film to blame the United States, blame anyone in Western civilization who is handy and avoid holding accountable Middle Eastern terrorists gone further insane.


“You can’t really help opine about anything surrounding 9/11 without slapping your own feelings about the tragedy into your perspective, and in my case, I was personally devastated and quite affected by the terrorist attacks of that day, but even moreso, from all of the personal and truly sad stories that continued to pour out after the towers fell and all hell broke loose in New York City.

“I was afraid about this film because I didn’t think I would want to relive anything from that horrible day, but from what I saw here tonight, I have to say that Oliver Stone has certainly taken great care of the event so far (nothing sensationalistic or controversial in the first 20 minutes) and seems to be gearing the whole thing toward a more human story WITHIN the inconceivable horror that surrounded those buildings on that day…

“…All that to say, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to see this movie before this screening, but when the 20 minutes were over, I really wanted to see the rest of it and not from a voyeuristic point of view, but because I believed that the story — which in the case of the two officers, provides a ‘happy ending’ — would be somewhat required for myself, as a small, yet hopefully significant step into seeing some ray of light come out of that day so very dark. It will obviously be a personal decision that everyone would need to make for themselves, much like for UNITED 93.”

Dot-Red.gif libertas has more.

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